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concrete mohs hardness tester pencil
  • *Item NO.:HT-225
  • *Payment:TT/Western union
  • *Product Origin:Fujian Province,China
  • *Color:Silver
  • *Shipping Port:Xiamen
  • *Lead Time:7 days after receiving payment from buye
  • *Order(MOQ):1
Product Detail
1.Mohs hardness testing--Set of double-ended hardness picks comprising eight hardness points for scratch testing minerals to determine their hardness relative to 
Moh's scale;
2.Concrte hardness tester--A 100 grit polishing stone to help keep the hardness points sharp;
3.Mohs hardness pencil--Glass plate with a hardness of about 5.5 which, when scratched by a mineral, quickly classifies it as harder or softer;
4.Second hardness plate of Bras with Mohs' hardness of 3.5;
5.Streak plate for testing a mineral's streak color;
6.Magnet for determining if a mineral exhibits magnetism;
7.Wooden case, the top of which can be ubscrewed, slipped off, and screwed to the back of the case.
 Measured intensity range  20-60Mpa 
 Shock function  2.207J (0.225kgf.m)
 Pointer length  20.0 + / -0.2 (mm)
 Pointer friction  0.65 + / -0.15 (N)
 Pointer system max static friction  0.5-0.8 N
 Average rate of steel drill  80+2
 Fillip bar ends spherical radius  25+ / -1.0 (mm)
 Fillip pull ring stiffness  7.85+ / -0.4 (N/cm)
 Projectile hammer unhooking position  Ticks "100" Engraved lines
 Fillip pull ring working length  0.3mm (mm) 61.5.0
 Projectile hammer shock length  75+0.3
 Fillip take-off position  Scale point "0"
 Steel drill rate constant  80+2
 Weight  270*55*55mm
 Size  1040g

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