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high gloss stone shine marble polishing liquid
  • *Item NO.:XY-006
  • *Payment:TT/Western union
  • *Product Origin:Fujian Province, China
  • *Color:Tranparent
  • *Shipping Port:Xiamen
  • *Lead Time:7 days after receiving payment from buye
  • *Order(MOQ):50
Product Detail

1.Stone shine liquid is very perfect for cleaning yellow spots on the granite and preventing the floor surface from the stone stain for a long time.

2.Stone marble polishing--Good effects to remove stains, wax stains, oil stains and pen stains without damaging gloss of the stone surface. 

How to use?

1,  Clean the floor to remove dirt on the floor

2,  Make sure he floor is free from wax, stains and dirt

3,  Wash the floor with the mop and clean water thoroughly ,making sure there is no residueof stripper on the floor  .

4,  Mix 2 to 3 tablespoonful of chemical and 150 to 250 ml of water, then spray directly on the marble floor 

5,  Place a low speed (175rpm to 300rpm) floor polisher with red polishing pad to do polishing.

6,  Keep the floor surface wet  by adding 100 to 150ml water regularly.

7,  Using a floor squeegee ,inspect the area being crystallized after 4 to 5 minutes and check if the marble has reacted.

8,  If the marble exhibits a wet look gloss, then transfer the used mixing chemical on close untreated area by using the floor squeegee.

9,  Wash the finished area well with mop and clean water .

10.After the entire floor has been crystallized ,damp mop to scrub the floor(with a clean red pad) and clean water and let it dry .

11,Remove the remaining marble crystalizer powder residue from the floor by dry buffing pad .


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