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industrial portable floor grinding machine
  • *Item NO.:High tech grinding m
  • *Payment:TT/Western union
  • *Product Origin:Fujian Province, China
  • *Color:Silver and black
  • *Shipping Port:Xiamen
  • *Lead Time:7 days after receiving payment from buye
  • *Order(MOQ):1
Product Detail

1.Floor grinding machine--The hiden design of cooperating ring, easy cooperation and reduce the storage space.

2.Industrial grinder machine--The operator can adjust the length of handle bar quickly according to people working habits.
3.Portable machine--Centralized control center, can achieve remote control and manual operation.
4. Equiped with forward and reverse switch, grinding speed  is adjustable
5.  Ergonomic operation lever design, easy to achieve pads change, working, transportation,storage
6.Multifuntional 20kg*2 addition weight design,can easy achieve add weight ,lay up, foot treadle to change pads design.
7Hidden telescopic carrying stick design,used for manual carrying machine or adjust the using way, can be easy achieve by only a control buttom.
8.Floating dust cover design can automatic adjust according to different floor conditions that can colleact dust well.
9.50 mm dust connect hole work with Xingyi 7.5KW industrial vacuum cleaner IVC-380 can efficiently solve the problem of fugitive dust
10.Four heads planetary running direction design can provide greater grinding force, can fast achieve flatness and brightness when grinding and polishing
11.Patented shock mitigation system,can automatically adjust according to differents floor conditions when grinding, to achieve super flat surface.
12.Rubber wheel design, prevent to be impaled

13. Wheel clutch can be manual operated.

 Voltage  380-440V three phase
 Working width  800mm
Configuration  Wonder IE 1 motor+ Veichi Inverter
 Motor rotating speed  450-1500rpm
 Grinding plate speed  180-600rpm
 Power  Motor:15HP/Inverter:20HP
 Weight  530kg
 Additional weight  40kg
 Water tank  40L
 Packing size  135*85*120cm

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      industrial portable floor grinding machine
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