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27inch Concrete Floor Burnisher 27S for Fine Polishing

  • November 30, 2019

While do fine polishing, you need to polish concrete floor surface with floor polishing machine and the concrete sealer. During the polishing process, many customers have told us about that the use of machine is not easy to operate. Due to the unstable operation of the concrete floor polisher, the polishing efficiency and effect of the floor are not good.

high speed concrete floor polishing machine

Regarding the unstable operation of the polishing machine, after the continuous research and development, our new floor burnisher machine HTG-HP-27S has been greatly improved compared with the previous one. It is equipped with a dynamic balance system and controllability of the machine.It's easy for floor laborer to operate. In addition, the 10HP high-power motor and the 27-inch working width improve the working efficiency,and easy to do fine polishing.

27 inch floor buffing machine

concrete floor burnisher for fine polishing

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