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  • Epoxy Concrete Floor Grinder

    GX720 Epoxy Concrete Floor Grinder GX720 Concrete GRINDING MACHINE It adopts integrated gearbox design, stronger efficiency, longer service life, and increase the grinding flatness. Suitable for all applications: floor prep, grinding and polishing. 4-heads, stable design, and adopt multi-functional grinding plate can attach metal and resin pads. Equipped with the drive device and rechargeable battery, constant speed for better construction result.GX720 is a self-propelled grinder. More

  • Epoxy Coating Floor Grinding Machine

    GX688 Epoxy Coating Floor Grinding Machine GX688 gears Concrete Grinding machine The GX688 grinder is the first one in the world; Xingyi exclusive technology;5-gears transmission technology reduces the loss of gear transmission and energy consumption by 5% to 8%. The 5-gears transmission technology realizes no intermediate transition gears and eliminates the phenomenon of "tooth skipping".The 5-gears transmission technology reduces gearbox failure rate by more than 60%. More

  • Classic square epoxy floor grinding machine

    GX500 Concrete Floor Grinding Machine Single phase rotary machine, with a 500mm working width, powerful motor equipped by 4 counter rotation grinder heads, gear box driving, simple machine for your middle size project. Foldable handle and adjustable weight iron and LED light make your working more efficiently and easy. More

  • large terrazzo floor grinder

    Tank1500 large areas terrazzo floor grinder Tank1500 is a very suitable for industrial applications, low-maintenance, smooth-running on-board grinding and polishing machine, gearbox, completely sealed and dustproof. More

  • Remote Control Floor Grinder

    HTG-680RC Remote Control Floor Grinder Base on our HTG series ,we have created a radio controlled (RC) model.which one anAffordable & Luxury grinder series. HTG-680RC is a powerful remote control grinder with compact size 680mm to pass through a standard door, therefore, it’s a versatile unit suits for any medium to large jobs.The remote control sets the operator free to manage hoses and cables while still grinding, for up to 40% higher productivity. More

  • epoxy floor grinding machine

    GX750 Epoxy Coating Concrete Floor Grinding Machine GX 750 Planetary Concrete Grinder is a heavy-duty equipment for your polishing project,  the machine has 3 planetary heads with very low maintenance. The stronger welded machine body with friendly operation handle and 2 positions weight iron to adjust the pressure when you are working. All motor and inverter are from the newest technology special for XINGYI grinding machine.GX750 is a self-propelled machine More

  • How to distinguish the quality of the floor grinder?
    How to distinguish the quality of the floor grinder?
    • December 24, 2022

    How to distinguish the quality of the floor grinder? The floor grinder is mainly used for related construction work on the ground. It can effectively grind terrazzo, epoxy mortar layer and concrete surface, etc., to make the floor more flat, smooth and clear. Compared with the previous manual grinding of the floor, the time cost is greatly reduced, the work efficiency is improved, and the grinding effect of the floor is also obvious. So how to distinguish the quality of the floor grinder? What brand do you recommend buying? We analyze from the following aspects: Efficiency and durability are the key to buying a floor grinder. There are four main factors that determine efficiency: 1. Grinding area 2. Machine weight 3. Motor power 4. Whether the gearbox is integrated or split. The integrated gearbox generally adopts one-stage gear transmission, which means that the output of the motor can be transmitted to the grinding disc to the maximum extent. In addition, it depends on the after-sales service. No matter how good the manufacturer is, they can’t guarantee that all equipment will not have problems during use. Once there is a problem, if the after-sales service fails, they will often return to the factory for repairs, not to mention whether there are maintenance costs and round-trip fees. How much, just a few days of delay in work will not be enough for workers to eat, live and pay, and the construction period will be delayed, so after-sales must be in place. On the premise of efficient and durable after-sales service, we need to look at other configurations, such as: 1. Can the frequency be converted 2. Whether the motor is iron shell or aluminum shell 3. Whether the motor has overload protection and over temperature protection 4. What are the dust prevention measures? 5. How many oil seals are there in the gearbox? 6. Whether there will be oil leakage 7. Is the counterweight iron integrated and adjustable?

  • The 6 Most Important Parameters When Picking a Concrete Grinder
    The 6 Most Important Parameters When Picking a Concrete Grinder
    • August 19, 2022

    The performance of the concrete grinder includes: grinding width, grinding head running mode, speed, grinding head unit pressure, water volume control, etc. The construction criteria are divided into: flatness, clarity and gloss.   1. Grinding area of concrete grinder: Relatively speaking, the larger the grinding area of the machine, the higher the flatness of the construction ground, but it is also the increase in the grinding range that reduces the leveling efficiency of the ground level difference.   2. The operation mode of the grinding head of the concrete grinder: the more complex the operation mode of the concrete grinder, the greater the grinding force, the higher the work efficiency, and the higher the ground clarity. The grinding force of the two-way 12-head concrete grinder is stronger.   3. The rotation speed of the floor grinder: Generally, the higher the rotation speed of the concrete grinder grinding head, the higher the grinding force. However, an excessively high speed will reduce the grinding force of the abrasive and the ground. When the pressure of the grinding head is relatively low, the stability of the machine operation will be reduced, and the construction standard will be reduced at the same time.   4. The unit pressure of the grinding head of the floor grinding machine: the grinding head pressure of the floor grinding machine is even the weight of the machine. The greater the grinding head pressure, the higher the relative efficiency and the leveling rate. For the construction on the ground that is too soft, if the grinding head pressure is large and the cutting force increases, the floor grinder cannot run at a uniform speed at this time, which will reduce the construction flatness.   5. Water volume control: Generally, grinding on the ground is divided into wet grinding and dry grinding, which mainly determines the ground. Water can play the role of lubrication, chip removal and cooling. With the change of the grinding process on the granite hard floor, the amount of water should be controlled in time. The ground grinding temperature will also directly affect the grinding brightness.   Through the introduction of the performance of the floor grinder, I believe that after understanding the performance of each part of the concrete grinder, it is easy to choose a concrete grinder that better suits your needs.

  • How to prevent epoxy floor cracking?
    How to prevent epoxy floor cracking?
    • 2022-01-25

    How to prevent epoxy floor cracking? Defect status: (1) Epoxy floor fine cracks: After the coating film is applied, it is difficult to identify with the naked eye, but it can be clearly observed with a tenfold microscope. It is the rupture of the surface of the coating film caused by the shrinkage force inside the coating exceeding the cohesive force of the coating film itself. It does not damage the beauty of the coating film and is the inevitable result of the aging of the coating film. But if this happens soon after painting, it's a pathological condition. (2) Coarse cracking of epoxy floor: The coating film produces obvious coarse cracks shortly after coating, and sometimes the bottom is visible. (3)) Epoxy floor cracks: After the coating film is coated, the shape is similar to the cracks on the tortoise back. A similar phenomenon occurs in crocodile skin cracks and glass cracks. Epoxy floor cracking reasons: 1. After the coating film is dried, the hardness is too high, and the flexibility is poor, such as the coating prepared with fatty acid containing a common double bond or its ester; 2. Apply a second coat of paint before the first coat is dry, and the inner and outer stretches of the two coats are inconsistent; 3. The coating is not properly matched, for example, the primer layer is softer than the topcoat layer; 4. There are too many volatile components in the epoxy floor topcoat, which affects the bonding force of the film and causes the coating film to dry and crack; 5. The coating is too thick, the surface layer is dry but the inner layer is not dry; 6. Excessive amount of drier or improper combination of various driers; 7. The coating film is applied in the environment with polluted gas (such as sulfur dioxide, ammonia, etc.); 8. The color paint is not stirred evenly before use, the upper layer has more resin and less pigment, and the lower layer has more pigment and less resin, which is easy to crack after painting; 9. The coating has poor weather resistance or temperature resistance Epoxy floor cracking treatment countermeasures: 1. The hardness of the topcoat should not be too high, and attention should be paid to the flexibility of the coating film in the coating formulation; 2. The second coat should be applied after the first coat is fully dry; 3. Solve the compatibility of the coating through the test, generally make the hardness and elasticity of the primer coating 4. and the topcoat close to; 5. The volatile components of epoxy floor topcoat should not be too much; 6. Each coating film in epoxy floor construction should not be too thick; 7. Pay attention to the dosage and collocation of the drier; 8. Construction and long-term use in a polluted environment should be avoided; 9. The color paint should be fully stirred before construction; 10. Pay attention to the ambient temperature of the paint;

  • Why does the epoxy floor produce color difference?
    Why does the epoxy floor produce color difference?
    • 2022-01-25

    Why does the epoxy floor produce color difference? The reasons why epoxy resin floor produces color difference: 1. The main agent of epoxy resin coating is precipitated and not fully stirred evenly; 2. The material is poured on the ground, and the contact time with the front seam is too long; 3. The coating thickness is uneven; 4. The coating material is cut off during construction; 5. Use different batches of topcoats. The prevention method of why epoxy resin floor produces color difference: 1. The additives should be fully stirred before epoxy floor construction; 2. Avoid too long a contact interval with the front seam, and construct the entire operation line together as much as possible; 3. Try to use fixed tools and strengthen the construction proficiency of construction personnel; 4. Epoxy resin coating needs to be prepared at one time to prevent material breakage; 5. Use the same batch of epoxy paint as much as possible.

  • Floating problem caused by curing agent
    Floating problem caused by curing agent
    • 2022-01-21

    Floating problem caused by curing agent After the coating is cured and formed into a film, the separation phenomenon will occur due to the use of the floor material. The main reason is related to the particle size, crystallization, molecular polarity and surface charge of the pigment. Generally, the separation is divided into vertical separation and horizontal separation. Vertical separation is generally called blooming, and horizontal separation is generally called floating color. In the same material A, after changing the curing agent, floating color occurs. This situation shows that there is no problem with the particle size and crystallization of the pigment. The main problem is the molecular polarity of the color. Because inorganic pigments are divided into polar and non-polar, at the same time, the diluent in the curing agent is also divided into polar solvents and non-polar solvents, sometimes the molecular polarity of A material is the same as that of the diluent in a curing agent. The polarity is just the opposite, and the curing agent does not produce floating color. After changing the floor curing agent, floating color occurs, which is only related to the molecular polarity of the color. Generally, adjust the dispersant to reduce the polarity, or in Add an appropriate amount of silicon coupling agent to material A to reduce the polar repulsion phenomenon and increase the aggregation force of inorganic pigments and organic pigments.

  • Questions and solutions for jitter during grinding of crystal surface care machine
    Questions and solutions for jitter during grinding of crystal surface care machine
    • 2022-01-15

    Questions and solutions for jitter during grinding of crystal surface care machine The standard method to check the jitter of the crystal plane machine is: 1. Take out the grinding disc and rotate it 120 degrees to snap it back to the gearbox chuck. 2. Install 6 pieces of 50# or 100# new water grinding discs on the aluminum grinding disc and grind on the flat stone ground. 3. You can see whether it is stable or not. If there is jitter, it means that there is a problem with the machine. If it does not jitter, it means that there is no problem! 4. The crystal surface care machine of any manufacturer does not have the problem of stable and unstable movement. The core part of the crystal surface machine is that the motor rotating shaft is closely connected with the gearbox. The whole is perpendicular to the base mounting surface. When the gearbox of the grinding disc rotates , its rotational runout error is within 0.01 to 0.02 mm, which is consistent with the level of the advanced machine tool turntable, so there is no such thing as an unstable movement. 5. If there is jitter, the possible reasons: a. The fixing screws of the gearbox connecting plate are loose and tightened. b. There is one or two places on the right side of the middle bayonet position of the aluminum grinding disc and the corners where the force is subjected to severe wear or uneven thickness. The small unevenness on the ground and the force transmitted to the gearbox chuck position when operating the machine handrail cannot be transmitted to the grinding disc at the same time. Because the force is mutual, the grinding disc is rebounded by the impact force of the small uneven ground to the gearbox body < box body and machine. The head and the base are the same whole>, so the machine shakes evenly. 6. Solution: 1>. Make the thickness of the arrows of the aluminum grinding disc the same, and stick adhesive tape on the back of the card position to thicken it, so that the arrows can be stuck in the vacant position of the gearbox head, and keep it tight and without gaps. 2>. Make the right corner of the three arrows of the aluminum grinding disc fully contact with the apex of the upper right corner of the three clamps of the gearbox body and fit tightly.

  • Precautions for floor construction personnel to understand and follow
    Precautions for floor construction personnel to understand and follow
    • 2022-01-11

    Precautions for floor construction personnel to understand and follow In the construction of the floor, there is an important thing that needs to be paid attention to in the whole construction process. It is not the underlying treatment, nor the use of materials. This important thing is the construction problem. Floor construction measures can start from the arrival of the required floor construction team. Before floor construction, during construction, and after construction, measures must be taken in every link. Xingyi Machinery teaches you how to take good measures. 【Measures for electricity consumption】 1. There must be a special person responsible for the power connection, and a special person to supervise. 2. Connection without plugs is strictly prohibited. 3. Equipment with grounding requirements must be well grounded. 4. If the equipment circuit is damaged, it shall not be used without treatment. 5. It is strictly forbidden to touch on-site equipment and facilities. [Fire and explosion-proof measures] 1. Floor materials, adhesives and other flammable materials should be sealed and stored in warehouses away from fire sources. 2. Fireworks are strictly prohibited on the construction site, and construction personnel should not smoke on site. 3. If the ground is wet for drying, it should be carried out before the floor coating material enters the site. 4. The grinding machine must be used on site when the ground is dry and the environment is ventilated. 【Falling object hazard prevention measures】 1. Avoid cross construction. 2. Construction workers must wear safety helmets when entering the construction site. 3. When transporting materials vertically, it is strictly forbidden to stand below and around. 【Other measures】 1. Clean up the sundries on the ground, ensure the passage is unblocked, and prevent people from being tripped and injured. 2. Clean the ground with water or set up grass mats to prevent slipping and hurting people. 3. In winter construction, the ambient temperature of the construction site should be guaranteed to prevent accidents caused by excessive wear and inflexible operation. 4. Night construction should ensure sufficient brightness of lighting. 5. It is strictly forbidden to carry out construction after drinking and sick. 6. It is strictly forbidden to work overtime in order to catch up with the construction period, resulting in fatigue of personnel during construction. The above are all safety measures that need to be paid attention to in the construction of the floor, and the floor construction personnel must strictly abide by it to ensure the safety of the construction. "People-oriented" is one of the R&D concepts of Xingyi Machinery. Technology is a supporting role, and talents are the leading role. Therefore, no matter how we move forward, we must always walk on the road of "people-oriented" and cannot deviate from it. Only in this way can products be accepted. Xingyi Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in ...

  • Why do some floors need to splash some water when curing?
    Why do some floors need to splash some water when curing?
    • 2022-01-08

    Why do some floors need to splash some water when curing? The platinum crystal floor system is a construction process of dry grinding throughout the process, but many people like to splash some on the ground in actual construction, and then grind it. Why does this phenomenon occur? Platinum New Materials summarizes it for you What time is it: The ground is a bit hard, and splashing some water can make it grind faster, because splashing water can cool the cutting head during grinding and increase the cutting force of the cutting head, so that the ground can be ground faster. Some black blocks will appear in the process of grinding and leveling the ground, which is not easy to grind off. It is easier to grind by splashing some water. The principle is the same as the above. Sprinkle some water on the ground, you can see the degree of exposed aggregate on the ground, so as to avoid the ground effect after the completion of the construction is different from what you expected. Some projects are not used with industrial vacuum cleaners, and a large amount of dust will be generated on the construction site. For the sake of human health and construction convenience, splashing some water on the ground can make the dust settle on the ground and reduce the dust. It is recommended that a floor grinder (Xingyi HTG800-4A driven floor grinder) and an industrial vacuum cleaner (HTG-IVC550 large industrial vacuum cleaner) with a dust cover can be equipped in the construction of the platinum crystal floor, then it can be compared To the greatest extent possible to achieve dust-free grinding.

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