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       XINGYI started as a project company in 1999, and became known in the industry as one of the top caliber in providing services and for manufacturing high quality

Fujian Xingyi polishing machine co.,ltd

Fujian Xingyi Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd ---Professional Floor System Products Manufacturer  XINGYI started as a project company in 1999, and became known in the industry as one of the top caliber in providing services and for manufacturing high quality floor grinder, industrial vacuum cleaner and floor polishing machines worldwide. Our Professionals continuously create ergonomic machine designs, manufactures and sells products under Hi-Tech Grinding brands. With the commitment to produce high quality standard equipment, XINGYI made its way to the market and has sold its products and services to more than 124 countries worldwide, won 144 design patents and 17 national patents. It’s open to the OEM and ODM production from clients and with certification of CE and SGS. Driven with the core value to provide excellence, XINGYI focuses on research and development of manual floor grinding and Hi-technology machine innovations; with this in mind and advocacy for self-propelled technology, leads to the development of automated and remote controlled grinding machines. High precision gear driven mechanism for enhance productivity with smart control features that are indeed user-friendly. For two decades, XINGYI acquired its vast experience in grinding, polishing, hardening, dyeing, repair and sealing of concrete, terrazzo and many other floor types. Its Shinning flat Polished Concrete system receives good recognition in the industry as well. Since 2011, XINGYI conducts its annual floor technology seminar in March. The unwavering effort to share its knowledge and technology, has attract more and more participants around the globe that leads to the increased number of individuals that joined the seminar in 2019, with an astounding number of 200. You are welcome to contact XINGYI anytime, we are always happy to share our expertise that may be helpful to your business. Our mission is to enable the global floor labors to work with health, easiness and happiness. This culture is shared and agreed by our 39 distributor partners across the globe. Should you be needing machines and assistance from our exclusive distributors in your area? Feel free to contact them and book a training, we are always happy to offer concrete solutions to serve your requirements. Why choose Xingyi? ◆ Quality Assurance: 30 sets CNC machines,124 patents,without processing from third parties,15000m2 factory area,30% benefit invest for RD,own project team,service for 120 countries,over 5000 old customers in the world(includes OEM/ODM). ◆ Systems: Offer products and services by systems,include concrete shinningflat system,dye concrete-shinningflat polishing system,the tank stone system and stone floor polishing system. ◆Services: Comprehensive after-sales service,providing regular following up.We can solve the customer's questions one by one in emails/phone or face to face by on-site support,which realized one hour quick response. ◆Training: International Training:  March 10-12th each year; China domestic Training: Feb / April / June / Aug / Oct / Dec 6-8; Xingyi warmly welcome customers to visit the factory at anytime ◆Price: We have our own factory with professional R&f,manufacturing,sales and customer support teams,have more advantages in price.

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Global advocate of self-propelled grinding machines

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Global advocate of self-propelled grinding machines

PT680-2 High-quality concrete floor surface grinder
PT680-2 American Design Floor Grinder And Best-selling 28'' Polisher Machine In USA

Designed by USA and manufactured by XINGYI in China, the PT680-2 floor grinding polishing machine is a professional floor surface prep equipment. Its counter-rotating discs is very simple to control, which can be used conveniently in rough grinding and floor removal.

PT640-3 Powerful and productive floor grinder
PT640-3 American Design New Concrete Floor Surface Grinding And Polishing Machine

The PT640-3 is a powerful floor grinding machine manufactured by XINGYI, enjoying great popularity in home and USA markets.

PT800-3 floor grinder well sold in USA market
PT800-3 American Design 34'' Diamond Floor Grinding Polishing Machine For Concrete And Marble

With the 800mm large working width and 648kg heavy net wright, the 700LE is of strong cutting force, stable performance and high grinding efficiency which has been widely recognized as a type of productive floor grinder.

PT750-3 Three phase floor polishing machine system
PT750-3 American Design 30'' Electric Floor Repairing And Removal Machine System

The PT750-3 is a versatile floor surface grinding machine manufactured by XINGYI, which is ideal for those applications that require floor surface preparation, repairing, or removal. Its sheet metal of the gearbox cover is thick and rigid with a longer lifespan.

PT550-3 Efficient production floor grinding system
PT550-3 American Design 22'' Concrete Floor Surface Polishing Grinding Machine System

The PT550-3 is a productive floor surface grinding machine, specially designed for all kind of grinding or polishing conditions for concrete, cement, epoxy, terrazzo, marble, and stone and etc. Its sheet metal of the gearbox cover is thick and rigid with longer lifespan.

700HP Best industrial floor burnisher and polisher
700HP High Speed Floor Burnisher And Ideal Concrete Floor Surface Polishing Machine

The 700HP high-speed burnisher is a professional and powerful floor polishing equipment manufactured by Xingyi. If you want a fast-set, full gloss floor surface, you can rely on this 700HP high-speed polisher. Specially designed for the medium and large-sized area, it is ideal for use on concrete, epoxy,terrazzo, and other natural stone floors.

850LE High efficiency floor grinding polishing machine
850LE Dual Drive Floor Surface Grinder And Remote Control Concrete Polisher

The 850LE is an ideal diamond floor surface prep machine equipment for concrete, epoxy, terrazzo, marble, and stone applications in large-sized or medium-sized commercial or residential projects. Equipped with a new generation of the intelligent remote control system and dual driven motors, it is firmer and more suitable for poor ground.

620 Concrete grinder for sale near me
620 Concrete Floor Grinding Machine And Diamond Polishing Machine

The 620 is a classical squared concrete floor grinding machine. With an integrated gearbox, it of stable operation performance and a uniform grinding effect. Equipped with a detachable motor and machine frame, it can be packed and transported conveniently.

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Latest news
  • how to grind concrete
    2021-03-06 how to grind concrete

    how to grind concrete? Slow down the sanding speed Because the grinder has a variable speed function, it sometimes lifts and skips the surface during operation. If the machine runs too fast, it will reduce the construction efficiency. Although running with a higher speed setting speeds up the polishing of the floor, the result is often an uneven performance, leading to more rework and lower satisfaction. Increase concrete cushion If you find a lot of sand and machine-generated debris when polishing the concrete floor, the most likely situation is that the concrete base layer is too thin and the concrete base is ground. Large grit at the bottom of the concrete will wear expensive diamond grinders, and it is also very disadvantageous for vacuum hoses and filters. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the concrete floor cushion before polishing to increase the thickness of the floor. Use suitable lubricating oil When using a scraper tool on a sander or a cemented carbide tool on a ripper, you need to spray a mild lubricant on the tool. This process will help the tool to keep cool, and will reduce the amount of material accumulation on the tool. This process is very effective in protecting the sand box chassis on the ripper. When cleaning polished floors or coatings, try not to use cleaning compounds. Detergents are very popular, because dirt and dust are sealed in oil, and the solids remain dry, making cleaning easier, but this can impair the functionality of the sanding machine.

  • how to grind concrete driveway
    2021-03-05 how to grind concrete driveway

    how to grind concrete driveway? Learning how to grind a garage floor for an epoxy coating or paint hasn’t always been the easiest or most straight forward of projects for the average home owner. Our objective here is to present to you an easier and more economical way to grind your garage floor that can typically be accomplished in less than a day for most standard 2-3 car garages. DIAMABRUSH CONCRETE GRINDING TOOL  a concrete prep tool ,XY-concrete-grinding-prep-tool consists of a series of diamond coated blades that are attached to a buffing wheel.These blades abrade the surface of the concrete to provide the proper profile for an epoxy coating. This process of grinding your garage floor is much easier to manage than the traditional 7″ angle grinder with a concrete turbo cup wheel. Plus, it keeps you off your knees. The large size of the tool covers more area and the flexible blades prevent grooving or kiss marks that can happen when a turbo cup wheel is not held flat and goes up on edge. XY-concrete-grinding-removal-tool also offers a separate removal tool that is used for removing old paint, thinset, mastic, or even thin epoxy coatings.You can identify it by the smaller number of diamond blades compared to the prep tool. If you use this tool to remove old paint or a thin coating down to bare concrete, it will prep the concrete surface at the same time and will not require grinding with the prep tool. Diamabrush does not recommend the prep tool for removing old paint and thin coatings. The nice feature about both of these is that they can be used either on a wet surface to grind dust free or you can attach a dust shroud with a shop vacuum to grind dry. Dry grinding with the proper attachments avoids the the heavy concrete dust or cleanup of a wet slurry. TOOLS FOR GRINDING YOUR GARAGE FLOOR These are the basic tools that you will need to acquire before you start grinding your garage floor. If you already have some of these or know of someone who can lend them to you, then obviously it will cost you even less. angle grinder, Harbor Freight Tools  4″ diamond turbo cup wheel Optional dust shroud for the angle grinder Floor buffer rental grinding flush any garage floor patchwork or crack repairs, as well as grinding the areas and edges near the wall .It’s also good for smoothing out the raised edges of large contraction

  • The new grinding machine is about to kick off, so stay tuned!
    2021-03-02 The new grinding machine is about to kick off, so stay tuned!

    The venue is being set up. Please visit and buy new and old customers. The newly designed grinding machine. I hope you will participate more in the new product launch tomorrow. The new products are about to kick off, so stay tuned! 2021.3.2 electrici medium floor grinding machine china for sale high quality

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