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  • large terrazzo floor grinder

    Tank1500 large areas terrazzo floor grinder Tank1500 is a very suitable for industrial applications, low-maintenance, smooth-running on-board grinding and polishing machine, gearbox, completely sealed and dustproof. More

  • High Quality Remote Control Automatic Grinder Concrete Floor Grinding Machine

    High Quality Remote Control Automatic Grinder Concrete Floor Grinding Machine More

  • polishing floor grinding machine

    955LE large polishing floor grinding machine Features and Advantages 1.Intelligent remote control, millisecond response. 2. S-type grinding greatly improves the grinding force. 3. The equipment comes with a spray system:The spray system can quickly reduce the temperature of the abrasive to improve the grinding efficiency. Using the spray function can also reduce dust. 4. Dual clutch design:The drive system is firmer and more suitable for rotten ground. More

  • floor grinder with self-driving

    800LE Self-driving grinder and concrete floor grinder equipment 800LE is a ground grinder with a grinding width of 800 mm. As a self-driving concrete grinder, it is one of the star products of our polishing machine company. More

  • hand held concrete scarifier contractors

    hand held concrete scarifier contractors Scarifier also called concrete planers or milling machines, remove concrete faster and more aggressively than grinders. The machine use the pummeling action of multi-tipped cutting wheels, or flails, that rotate at high speeds to chip away at the concrete surface. You can choose from many different styles of interchangeable cutter assemblies to achieve the profile you need for each job. More

  • floor shotblast machine with vacuum

    floor shotblast machine with vacuum A large number of steel shot are accelerated by the centrifugal force of the shot blasting machine and impact  the ground that needs to be treated. After the steel abrasive hits the surface,  rebound and the negative pressure from the matching vacuum cleaner will help the steel abrasives to form a cycle inside the machine . Dust and contaminants are removed by an air wash separator and are removed to a dedicated   dust collector. This makes the process almost dust-free in operation. More

  • 700HP Best industrial floor burnisher and polisher

    700HP High Speed Floor Burnisher And Ideal Concrete Floor Surface Polishing Machine The 700HP high-speed burnisher is a professional and powerful floor polishing equipment manufactured by Xingyi. If you want a fast-set, full gloss floor surface, you can rely on this 700HP high-speed polisher. Specially designed for the medium and large-sized area, it is ideal for use on concrete, epoxy,terrazzo, and other natural stone floors. More

  • Canister Industrial vacuum cleaner for concrete grinder

    Canister Industrial vacuum cleaner for concrete grinder More

   Name : Construction Equipment and Tools Supplier for Floor Coating Industry in China.

   Issued By Construction Equipment and Tools Supplier for Floor Coating Industry in China

   Range :in China.

 Name : ISO9001

 Issued By : Beijing Oriental ascept Certificate Center

 Validity Period : 2011-03-30~2014-08-29

 Range : processing machinery

Name : CE

Reference : 110513/JXC319

Validity Period : 2011-05-01~2021-05-29

Range : ente certificazione machine

Name : SGS International Certification--factory authentication licence

Refeence : QIP-ASI117001

Issued by : SGS

Validity Period : 2010-05-29~2111-05-29

Range : all world

Name : Business Licence

Reference : 350583100055336

Issued By : Chinese General Administration of Commerce

Validity Period : 2009-04-01~2059-03-31

Range : Business Licence

Name : Tax certificate

Reference : 350583687500356

Issued By : National Taxation Head Office

Validity Period : 2009-04-11~2011-08-25

Range : Business

Name : The national quality prestige AAA service company

Issued By : The mational quality prestige AAA service company China quality credit eveluation center

Validity Period : 2007-06-01~2010-08-25

Range : Product quality prestige

Name : China stone care product Brand Top 10

Reference : China stone 2008(CISE)126th

Validity Period : 2008-03-01!~2011-11-03

Range : stone, floor

Name : China Stone stone maintenance and maintenance engineering Top 10

Issued By : China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Pudong Sub-council China Shanghai stone industry Shanghai Oriental Institite

Validity Period : 2010-01-04~2050-08-25

Range : construction

    Name : Engineer Certificate

    Reference : Hushineng(shi) 2008 009

    Issued By : Stone Assocoation

    Validity Period : 2009-08-02~2011-06-10

    Range : engineer certificate

  Name : Standing director company

  Issued By : Beijing stone industry association of stone maintenance professional committee

  Validity Period : 2010-01-01~2011-10-12

  Range : stone care

Name : Certificate of appreciation for Indonesia exhibition

Issued By : Hall A&B jakarte convention center Indonesia

Validity Period : 2010-06-30~2010-08-25

Range : stone exhibition

 Name : service and product quality certificate

 Validity Period : 2010-01-07~2011-10-19

 Range : service and product quality

   Name : Patent Certification

   Issued By : The Intellectual Property Bureau of China

   Validity Period : 2012-07-16~2020-07-16

   Range : multifunction grinding plate


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