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  • Epoxy Concrete Floor Grinder

    GX720 Epoxy Concrete Floor Grinder GX720 Concrete GRINDING MACHINE It adopts integrated gearbox design, stronger efficiency, longer service life, and increase the grinding flatness. Suitable for all applications: floor prep, grinding and polishing. 4-heads, stable design, and adopt multi-functional grinding plate can attach metal and resin pads. Equipped with the drive device and rechargeable battery, constant speed for better construction result.GX720 is a self-propelled grinder. More

  • Epoxy Coating Floor Grinding Machine

    GX688 Epoxy Coating Floor Grinding Machine GX688 gears Concrete Grinding machine The GX688 grinder is the first one in the world; Xingyi exclusive technology;5-gears transmission technology reduces the loss of gear transmission and energy consumption by 5% to 8%. The 5-gears transmission technology realizes no intermediate transition gears and eliminates the phenomenon of "tooth skipping".The 5-gears transmission technology reduces gearbox failure rate by more than 60%. More

  • Classic square epoxy floor grinding machine

    GX500 Concrete Floor Grinding Machine Single phase rotary machine, with a 500mm working width, powerful motor equipped by 4 counter rotation grinder heads, gear box driving, simple machine for your middle size project. Foldable handle and adjustable weight iron and LED light make your working more efficiently and easy. More

  • large terrazzo floor grinder

    Tank1500 large areas terrazzo floor grinder Tank1500 is a very suitable for industrial applications, low-maintenance, smooth-running on-board grinding and polishing machine, gearbox, completely sealed and dustproof. More

  • Remote Control Floor Grinder

    HTG-680RC Remote Control Floor Grinder Base on our HTG series ,we have created a radio controlled (RC) model.which one anAffordable & Luxury grinder series. HTG-680RC is a powerful remote control grinder with compact size 680mm to pass through a standard door, therefore, it’s a versatile unit suits for any medium to large jobs.The remote control sets the operator free to manage hoses and cables while still grinding, for up to 40% higher productivity. More

  • epoxy floor grinding machine

    GX750 Epoxy Coating Concrete Floor Grinding Machine GX 750 Planetary Concrete Grinder is a heavy-duty equipment for your polishing project,  the machine has 3 planetary heads with very low maintenance. The stronger welded machine body with friendly operation handle and 2 positions weight iron to adjust the pressure when you are working. All motor and inverter are from the newest technology special for XINGYI grinding machine.GX750 is a self-propelled machine More

  • Respect life and stay away from your occupational diseases
    Respect life and stay away from your occupational diseases
    • 2022-05-08

    Respect life and stay away from your occupational diseases

  • To be professional and be healthy
    To be professional and be healthy
    • 2022-05-07

    To be professional and be healthy

  • Don’t let dust take your life, walk along with love…
    Don’t let dust take your life, walk along with love…
    • 2022-05-06

    Don’t let dust take your life, walk along with love

  • 2021 Annual Report Meeting For Xingyi International Marketing Center
    2021 Annual Report Meeting For Xingyi International Marketing Center
    • 2022-01-13

    2021 Annual Report Meeting For Xingyi International Marketing Center

  • The first Xingyi Cup Youth Energetic Charity Run ended successfully
    The first Xingyi Cup Youth Energetic Charity Run ended successfully
    • 2021-10-25

    The first "Xingyi Cup" Youth Energetic Charity Run ended successfully On the morning of 10.24th, the youth vitality run organized by Xingyi Running Group came to a successful conclusion. Youth is endless and running. Xingyi Running Group uses practical actions to fulfill Xingyi's mission to make global floor people healthy and happy. When we sit in the office longer and longer, when we lie on the sofa, the softer and lower head, when we play with the mobile phone, the pressure on the lumbar, shoulder and cervical vertebrae is getting heavier and heavier. We need to return to the long-lost runway. Come on, come for a hearty run, let the body's 36,000 pores get a deep breath. Life lies in sports, and youth lies in Pentium. When endurance is challenged, we will not stop, even if there are beautiful scenery on the roadside, we will not stop, and every youth who is catching up will never stop. We reap health in sports and explore happiness in health. You will see thousands of floor people like us, rushing to the front for the floor business, will not stop, deep in the mud and troubled, will not stop. We give health and happiness to ourselves who work hard and never stop for the floor business. All the registration fees received for this event will be fully contributed to the sanitation workers in the Anping community to provide them with a good lunch. If the city is a magnificent symphony, the sanitation workers are the notes on the sheet music, although they are tiny, they emit pleasant sounds in specific locations. Sanitation workers are city beauticians and messengers to create a beautiful environment. When most of us are still asleep, they have already begun to work hard on the streets in the early morning, carrying brooms on the streets, and orange overalls under the street lights. They are so small and great, so humble and noble, especially in winter when they are in danger in the cold. Guarding the streets in the working environment of China, I can’t help but feel sad and distressed. They have contributed a lot, but their income is very small. We enjoy the fruits of the labor of sanitation workers. What can we give them back? Only to develop the habit of caring for the environment is the greatest respect for them. A simple meal brought them a satisfied smile, and the Xingyi running group called on everyone to take care of the environment, care for sanitation workers, and care for strangers.

  • China’s Xingyi, witnessed by floor people all over the world
    China’s Xingyi, witnessed by floor people all over the world
    • 2021-05-11

    China’s Xingyi, witnessed by floor people all over the world On May 10, 2021, the Chinese Brand Day with the theme "Chinese Brands, Shared by the World; Gathering New Cycles, Leading New Consumptions" officially opened. Since the establishment of China Brand Day in 2017, this national brand event has reached its fifth year. In the past five years, China's economy has continued to develop and Chinese brands have also continued to rise. Nowadays, brand development has risen to the height of national strategy. The more outstanding Chinese brands, the stronger the resilience of China's economic development. Under the major premise of the development of the times, Xingyi  with its corporate mission of "Let the global floor people work healthy and happily", advance with the times, dare to be the first, innovate and break through and innovate itself, and stand confidently among the world's brands. . Youyou 20 years of forging ahead, Xingyi uses actions to interpret the work as the responsibility and responsibility of the big country brand, seizes the historical opportunities brought by the rapid development of China's floor machinery industry, adheres to customer-centric, high-quality and high-efficiency Mission, continuous development and innovation based on customer needs, won the respect and dependence of customers at home and abroad. As a national high-tech enterprise, Xingyi is an enterprise with technology, innovation and development. Since its establishment, it has won numerous honors and awards. Xingyi  continues to develop. Xingyi's products are currently distributed in 120 countries and have offices in 30 countries. Xingyi is an advocate of global driven floor grinders. The emergence of driven floor grinders has become the starting point for the liberation of floor labor. The floor industry has officially entered the era of "artificial intelligence" and will continue to be used in the floor industry. The market is the core, and we are continuously committed to promoting the technological and intelligent development of this industry. Xingyi uses continuous innovative technology to obtain sustainable and stable products, which not only adds value to the company's own development, but also provides an opportunity to promote the rapid development of the industry, and promotes China's manufacturing to a new level with its strong strength. In the future, Xingyi  will continue to walk with home and country, serve as a major country brand, fulfill the mission of a major country brand, take innovation as the core driving force of the company, take the road of high-quality development, make Chinese brands bigger and stronger, and let the world Floor people live a healthy and happy life!

  • How to reduce dust when grinding concrete?
    How to reduce dust when grinding concrete?
    • 2021-03-29

    How to reduce dust when grinding concrete? It is best to use industrial vacuum cleaners, such as the small industrial vacuum cleaner F-65L produced by our company, the medium and large double cylinder vacuum cleaners IVC-33A, IVC-55A, IVC-55L, etc. Secondly, the prevention and control work in the production process is also a good prevention. 1. Wet cutting (water spray)-this kind of engineering control helps eliminate silica dust in the air, and is the most effective dust control method in concrete cutting and grinding. Portable water tank or trolley. Masons should make a plan before arriving at the job site to ensure the resources and manpower required to successfully carry out the wet cutting project. 2. HEPA vacuum and exhaust ventilation system-Industrial vacuum and exhaust ventilation systems are very useful tools when dust cannot be removed from the source. These systems can absorb the formed dust, which is very beneficial for cleaning the site. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter prevents the collected dust from escaping the vacuum system. 3. Training-employees should receive comprehensive training on the hazards of silica dust. Training should cover prevention and control methods, respiratory protective equipment, and cleaning methods after get off work. 4. Wear a mask According to the layout of the site, masons and construction workers must wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE). Listed below are the three main types of respirators that can be used in the workplace: Disposable dust mask-can be used in areas where the exposure is up to 5 times that of OSHA PEL. Half-face dust masks – The safe exposure of half-face dust masks is ten times that of OSHA PEL Full-face dust masks – Full-face dust masks can protect workers from OSHA PEL damage by 50 times.

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