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  • How to Repair and Polish the Marble Floor
    • August 16, 2019

    Have you ever feel angry due to buy some unqualified and full of some holes and cracks marbles?  Do you hate seeing old,worn-out marble floors? Now you won't be annoyed about those things any more.We will tell you how to repair dilapidated marble. And do you know why there is some bubbles appear on the slab?Because it has just been cut out and there still have water and ai...

  • Xingyi Sharing--How to Polish Marble
    • October 10, 2016

    1.Finished good protaction 2.Cutting the jionts(to clean joints) Tools: stone cutting machine, cutting blade, floor shove/knife,brush Note: a.Control well as the cutting route may go deviation. Go in straigh line and mive foeward. b.Using dustless cutting machine as the dust can prevent your sight for the cutting route. c.Cutting in 3-5mm thickness. d.After cutting the joints, use knife to dig out...

  • Xingyi Sales Team: Stone Caring and Concrete Grinding Competition
    • September 20, 2016

      Xingyi devotes itself to not only the high quality products, also the professional service.     Before the terrible typhoon Meranti, there are the intense competitions for the stone caring and concrete grinding and polishing among Xingyi sales team.   From the floor condition measure, including the floor flatness, hardness, intensity and brightness testing, then the metal pad...

  • Xingyi Tell You:The Mistakes for the Hardening Flooring
    • September 09, 2016

    Mistake 1: One kind of concrete densifier will solve all problems for all hardening flooring According to the degree of density, flatness, concrete grade, the different aggregate for the concrete base, and different requirements for the technology of little stone appearance degree, cement grouting saving, concrete surface glazing and highlight, it should select different kings and models concrete ...

  • Xingyi Manner:Xingyi Etiquette Traning
    • September 05, 2016

       Etiquette is the way and process to show the with the conventional self-restraint and respect, including the appearance and manners, dressing, talking, communication and so on.     Xingyi Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd not only devotes itself to the floor grinding machine, diamond pads and concrete hardening agent, also focus on the service for every customer. The first step to s...

  • The Perfect Encounter:Terrazzo Floor and Concrete Hardening Agent
    • August 05, 2016

    The terrazzo floor is the gorgeous art from the flooring tradition. However, there exist the shortcomings for the terrazzo floor: first of all, easy dusting and ash; secondly, not dense enough, not resistant to dirt and not anti-oil; thirdly, not bright enough, so the development of terrazzo floor is limited.      Now, there is the perfect solution -- concrete hardening agent, it wi...

  • Xingyi Culture: The First Morning Competition between Three Teams in the Next Half Year
    • July 29, 2016

    At 4:30am, with the morning-star, Xingyi team gathered in Xingyi playground and queued up. With the orders from coach, we started the warm-up together.   After the warm-up, we started to run around the Anping stone bridge, altogether is about 3 miles. Although, everyone got up so early and did not have breakfast, in last quarter morning competition, the team Hurricane got the champion, so eve...

  • XINGYI Project Team:Brunei customer 4000sqm granite polishing assistant
    • July 22, 2016

    Xingyi 2 projects managers provide technical guidance for concrete and granite polishing in Brunei projects. Our Brunei customer is very satisfied with the floor effect. The concrete grinding process: Step 1:Metal diamond pads 30#60#120#; Step 2:Resin diamond pads 50#100#; Step 3:Surface cleaning&repairing with concrete repairing adhesive(had better wait for 12-24 hours after the adhesive); St...

  • Beautiful Flooring: Epoxy Terrazzo Floor
    • July 21, 2016

    What is the epoxy terrazzo? Epoxy terrazzo floor is a kind of high performance decorative artistic floor which shows the unique modern urban construction style. This floor selects many kinds of special stone, or other suitable decorative aggregates and the high polymer resins to mix, and then paving, hardening and grinding to construct the special projects. Where will you use the epoxy t...

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