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Diamond Bush Hammer Make Your Work More Efficient and Save Money

  • July 10, 2019

The bush hammer finished is popular in the world now.

But do you know how to achieve this?

A bush hammered finish is applied to concrete floor or natural stone to create an irregular texture and highlight material's tonal variation.It's achieved through the combination of a floor grinder machine and the bush hammer roller.The diamond bush hammer roller is suitable for surface fabricating,texturing and roughening.It can be used to make safety and non-slip surface on concrete,nature stones and steps,and is also great for coating removal.

The diamond bush hammer works with floor grinder machine can increase efficiency and save construction costs, making it the best choice for ground constructions.

Diamond bush hammer roller Diamond Bush Hammer

Then how to change the metal pads into bush hammer roller??

Firstly,you should take off the metal pads holder,and put an adapter plate on the floor grinder,then use a screwdriver to install the bush hammer roller,finish installing the bush hammer.

Finally,please be kindly noted that do not apply too much pressure or high speed on bush hammer.This will prevent roller from dropping down and stopping the floor grinder machine,thus decrease the life span.

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