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Driven floor 777-4A, strong power and high efficiency

  • 2021-01-26
Grinding the ground into a mirror is the job of the floor grinder. The driving force of the traditional human grinder is manpower, and workers are required to push the heavy grinder to the construction road for several rounds. If the construction road is uneven, this hard work will be more laborious. Xingyi-driven floor grinder HTG-777-4A easily solves power problems.
Electric drive is a major feature of Xingyi-driven floor grinder HTG-777-4A. The traditional manual grinder needs the cooperation of multiple people to pass through the speed bump, and this machine can be easily turned over with strong power. Facing uneven roads, it can naturally behave like a flat ground and has a cruise control function. The walking speed can be adjusted freely from 0-25m/min to ensure that the grinding time of the ground used by the grinder is the same, and different operators can achieve the same grinding effect and steady forward.
Xingyi Machinery is the first floor grinder company in China to apply the drive system to the grinder. It is committed to making global floor people healthy and happy. Years of research and innovation and strict quality control are trusted by hundreds of customers around the world. . Good quality, choose Xingyi, driven floor grinder HTG-777-4A, make floor work easier.

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