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How to Repair Empty Drum in Concrete by Grouting Machine

  • November 23, 2019
The six major concrete repairing ways of High Tech Grinding system include grinding, cutting, drilling, batching, polymer mortar, and affusion.And among which there is a special repair process for the hollow floor---affusion method.
How to use affusion way to repair the empty drum concrete?
The grouting nozzle is buried in the empty drum position for filling, and the hollow drum position is filled to ensure the integrity of the concrete.

Repair process:
★ Preparation before construction
1. Confirm the empty drum position that needs to be treated.
2. Drilling at the empty drum position, surface cleaning, and embedding the slurry nozzle.

★ Chemical grouting
3. Grouting is carried out after the grouting nozzle is installed. The grouting pressure and amount are determined according to the specific conditions of the empty drum part.
4.After preparing the grouting resin,pour it into the container of the grouting machine.
5. Fill the grout resin into the empty drum position with a high-pressure grouting machine, while confirm the filling is full, close the valve immediately. When grouting, it is necessary to prevent the grouting liquid from overflowing from other holes and causing waste. Confirm that the grouting is completed and remove the implement.
6. After 48 hours, the resin was initially coagulated; after 7 days of dry curing, it can be used normally.

The infusion method uses grouting to repair empty drums, and the time is fast, and the base layer will not be damaged, especially for the underground garage, factory building, etc.,  the construction process does not affect the owner's use, which is a convenient way.

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