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Patented Gear Driving Planetary Remote Control Grinder Machine HTG-800-4E

  • May 13, 2019

With the HTG-800-4E, HTG has set an entirely new standard for reliability, precision and control. A unique combination of intelligence and raw power. Always at the forefront of development – this is what motivates everything we do at HTG.

Technical Parameters:
Model HTG-800-4E HTG-800-4A
Voltage 220-240V/53A/three Phase 220-240V/53A/three Phase
380-440V/30.7A/three phase 380-440V/30.7A/three phase
Input Power 15KW20HP 15kw/20hp
Inverter 220v/15kw/20hp 18.5kw/25hp
Current 29.3/50.5amp 29.3/50.5amp
HZ 50/60hz 50/60hz
Work Area 800mm 800mm
Disc Speed 450-1590rpm 450-1950rpm
Disc Diameter 256mm*4 256mm*4
Water Tank 23L 23L
Extra Weight 2*20kg 2*20kg
Weight 555kg/1224lbs 540kg/1190lbs
L*W*H 143*87*132cm 143*87*132cm

1. Unique and panted planetary four-heads driving system achieved the innovation of the low cost maintenance demand for gearbox.
2. Planetary counter rotation reduces the grinding machine’s deviating force then it helps to lower grinding strength and easy to grip machine.
3. Four heads grinder exerts strong power to grinding head and operates more smooth and steady on wavy surface when comparing with three heads grinder.Four heads machine grinding more evenly and more easily to leveling the ground,which enable the machine more stable and easy to control.
4. Four heads counter grinding direction balanced the grinding pressure and made the floor grinding flatness higher when comparing with similar machines.
5. Planetary four-heads counter plates driving by 20HP motor increase the grinding efficiency for more than 30% compared with 750-3D.
6.The Motor and Inverer
7.High Tech Grinding HTG-800-4E adopt WEG international Brand Motor and Delta Inverter which had great population among the world.More details check in the end of the text.

8.Control Panel & water tank.All the switch buttons on the control panel of the High Tech Grinding HTG-800-4E imported and upgradedfrom Siemens to Schneider.

Customer Demo:


1.Patented gear driving four-heads planetary rotating system.
2. Hign precision and intensity, which is easy to maintain.
3. Balanced torsion, make it is easy to handle.
4. Stronger power, stable performance, evenly polishing tracks and high efficency.
5. Dustproof, waterproof, sealed, long span life and high grinding precision.
6. Cover the whole surface evenly OR leave a blank in the middle.
7. More consistent, flatter scratch patterns, and potency.
8. When the four heads spin on the surface, the planetary head spin again.
9. Realize machine's automatic walking fully.
10. Can work in room size larger than 3m2.
11. Machine plans walking routes automatically.
12. Controlled on a Android PAD.
13. Instant remind; Voice warning.
14. Adjust the parameters of the grinder by data.
15. Allow crossroad or rotate polishing method.
16. Allow single wheel or in situ rotate.
17. Allow center or side activate.
18. Self-define operation tasks; Allow several tasks one time.
19. Collect the working data.
20. Autonomous navigation.
21. Build a polishing area map.
22. Plan the routes in advance.
23. Discern the obstacles.
24. Put forward programs.
25. Determine the solution.
26. Automatic Deviation adjustment: Intelligent control system, adjust the direction, avoiding the deviation and polish in scheduled route.
27. New design control panel: Can show grinding speed,  walking speed, direction, LED light, USB charge and clock, emergency stop.
28. Auto-samping and calcuate the FF/FL: Collect the FF/FL data dynamically, calcuate the datas after polishing.
29. Rechargeable batteries: Can endure about 25 minutes without power, which is convenient for transportation.

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