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Remote Control Floor Grinding Polishing Machine

  • April 08, 2019

1. Flexibility: 100m Long distance control machines. Tips: Safety distance less than 10m.

2. Use friendly: 25 degrees climbing ability.

3. Intelligent Remote control and auomatic walking.

4. Efficiency: Patent Planetary Rotating System.

                   Scratch patterns genetrated by the four heads planetary rotating grinder.

                   More delicate grinding track.

5. Precise and Durable: Gears driven. The gear driving is very precise like a Rolex watch. Dust- Proof and water- proof of the gearbox. Warranty for 3 years (gear).

6. Operability: Rear Position - Used for tipping the machine to make tool replacement easier.

                     Working Position - Used when operating the machine manually or via the remote control.

                     Packing Position - Used for transporation as the machine takes less space.

7. Dust Skirt: The dust cover will not fall off the machine, which solved the traditional grinding problem of re-installing the dust cover then to improve the efficiency from details.

8. Driven motor:Imported from Germany. High Quality with three year warranty.

9. Achieve CE and US standard Electrical Control Design: Good cooling effect, high dust-proof function and longer lifespan of the machine.

Multifunctional Abrasives: High Tech Grinding 800-4E with unique and patented multi-functional abrasives.

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