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TankStone System--Xingyi Create the Art Floor with Innovation

  • 2019-06-12

Backer mountain would pour, by everybody will be run,Huawei immediately announced that domestic chips can completely replace the US chip and on duty overnight when Google and ARM suspended its business with Huawei.Huawei’s own operating system can also be online within this year.The innovative and self-reliable Huawei created opened up its own field in communication industrial.

In flooring industrial,by relying on the Jinjiang spirit that Working Hard Can Be Win,Xingyi produce all accessories except motors independently, develope its own products by constantly innovation and creat its own brand-Xingyi and High Tech Grinding,establish good cooperation with friends at home and abroad, share experience of artistic floor, and constantly improve itself.The creative Tankstone Floor system is part of the High Tech Grinding Shinningflat floor system.

The Tank Stone Floor System is a kind of epoxy terrazzo floor which has all advantages of the epoxy resin floor with no cracks.

It is composed by a variety of green materials, mainly aggregates and resin. It is a kind of modern art floor with high stability, high practicability, no cracking, no deformation and individual characters.

The floor is featured with both artistic and practical advantages. Because of its personality, plasticity, diversification, environment friendly and so on,

the Tank Stone floor is widely used in the airports, shopping malls, parks, exhibition halls, villas, office buildings, private houses and other upscale places.

1.Different patterns you designed according to your needs can make you different
2,No seam,No dust,No leakage,No blot,Antifouling and waterproof,easy to clean
3. High gloss, green and environmental protection
4. Airports and shopping malls in developed countries such as the United States have begun to use tankstone floor to lead the international trend.

According to the design you provided, Xingyi can match the design effect material packages you want to you. It can directly spread out according to the proportion, and create all kinds of different art floors you want.

Xingyi held the international seminar of flooring treatment techonlogy each March to share the floor exprience and build the relationship with the foreigners.Xingyi welcome friends from all over the world to come and share their experience on various floors.

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