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The AI era is coming, Xingyi keeps up with the times

  • 2021-01-06

Intelligent AI, as the accomplishment of science and technology, has gradually entered people's lives, from mobile phones to spaceflight, bringing convenience to mankind. Xingyi also the pace of development and took the lead in bringing AI into the grinding machine, striding into a new era of intelligent construction.
The pioneer floor grinder-Hummer 850LE has an AI wireless intelligent system, which can automatically collect the operating data information of the operator, and record the collected data to the cloud. When the operator needs to operate, he can use the cloud big data to set the best operation mode for himself and improve the machine. Work efficiency when turning, correcting deviation, and turning around. With an advanced servo dual-drive system, keeping up with the pace of technology, it has stronger power and more flexibility.

Choose 850LE and Xingyi to add another force to efficient construction.


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