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  • July 15, 2020

The violent novel coronavirus hit all industries badly, and the global economy irresistibly experienced a major recession.

There has been paused even fallen with the growth of economy yet, but there still have backed to normal gradually since reopening. One of the latest study shown which it is expected the polishing machine industry still will grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 2.2% in the five years, and the marketing will expand to 3 billion US dollars by 2023.

Different kinds of floors polished are expanding to market, which including cement-cured floors, epoxy floors, emery-resistant floors, water-milled floors, and even high-end millstone floors (inorganic and organic millstones).

The industry of grinding machine is not concentrated which from the industry of structure, there have multinational companies to private company. Before the Coronavirus outbreak, hundreds and millions of floor polished machine organizations who even are small and medium-size enterprises that have strongly competitive. After this virus, there still have existed but powerful enterprises. The pressure of competition will not decrease as the amount of floor enterprises are declining, but the competition will be stronger than ever.

Geographically speaking, North America is the largest floor consumer market, and China is the world's largest production market. North America and Europe are closely . This three markets share more than 70% of the global production market.

North America is the region with the largest output value of the floors industry, and the most developed region in the world. With the development of the industrial level, high-precision floor grinding machines have an indispensable role in the construction of factories.

The growth of economy is paused which is not stop the construction industry to moving. The rapid urbanization and industrialization process in the Asia-Pacific region makes the Asia-Pacific region expected to lead the global floor grinder market.

With the entire market of controlling to eco-friendly, health, which leading to high orders; in the construction industry and industry around the world, and in the process of urbanization and modernization in countries around the world, the simple construction, environmental protection, strong and wear-resistant, inexpensive and high-quality floor is the most effective. The extensive use of the floor in all different areas of life makes market for ping grinders is constantly evolving.

Artificial intelligence is at the gate of the intelligent era. If you don’t want to be in the era, you must walk in the front of era. AI integration is the key to next era of door opening. After developing remote control products and realizing manual remote control that floor companies have turned their attention to unmanned intelligent robot systems in an effort to achieve "one person, multiple machines". The fate of the market is inseparable from the flooring industry. The recovery of the global economy and manufacturing industry is the driving force for the growth of the flooring industry. After reopening, the global economy and various industries will gradually wake up.

After the storm, we are greeted by a beautiful rainbow! And our floors industrial will be better.

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