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  • Introduction Of Xingyi Dust-free Month Activities Introduction Of Xingyi Dust-free Month Activities
    Introduction Of Xingyi Dust-free Month Activities

    Xingyi dust-free month activities Dear Friends In our construction industry, we need to be aware and understand that construction dust can be harmful to our lungs. Dust is very damaging as it can be a primary cause for serious illness, and can cause death in severe cases. In line with Xingyi company’s mission of “Enable The Global Floor Labors To Work With Health And Happiness”, we put forward the “ Dust-free month “ activity from 20th May to 30th June  on a yearly basis to raise the dustless awareness which helps in caring for the health of our construction workers and provides several benefits to the floor industry as well. I welcome you to join us. Together, we can make a difference in protecting our workers by creating a happy and healthy work environment for them. Because, we care. 2022 at the 8th anniversary year of High Tech Grinding Remote launched to the market and the 4th Dust-free month, THREE WELFARES are offered: Benefit I :  Enjoy Xingyi High Tech Grinding 8th anniversary edition support. 1. A $8000USD E-Voucher for this machine ( valid from 1st to 30th June, 2022 for 100 sets only ) Welfare II: A 8820USD Voucher Package for Xingyi Products Welfare III: 50% OFF E-Voucher A platform for Worldwide professionals who are in Concrete Business and Xingyi VIP clients to share construction knowledge and talks. How to join 1. Free to join if you have titles/positions in local industry associations, or you are speakers/teachers at industry trainings. 2. Free to join if you ever purchased Xingyi High Tech Grinding Machines. 3. $99USD charge to join if you would like to join the professional construction talks while are out of the previous two conditions. Event time: May 20-June 30, 2022 Event participants:Global floor labors Event rules:1. Post videos on the theme of "dust-free construction", the machine brand is not limited; the works submitted by the participants must add the topic #Dustfree month,in the video, @xingyi___htg,and the topic poster must be shown in the video. (How to get the topic poster: go to www.xy1118.com) 2. Participants can shoot multiple videos during the event, but only one video can participate in the competition. The final winning video must be provided to the event organizer for later promotion free of charge. 3. Judge the ranking of a video by the number of likes 4. The deadline is 14:00 on July 1st, China time, and we will post the screenshot on www.xy1118.com Event Rewards: 1st : $100 2nd: $95 3rd : $90 and so on, the rewards are all vouchers of this website for the final top 20 likes list.(https://xingyigroup.en.alibaba.com/) Contact information as follows: E-mail: [email protected] Whatsapp: 159 6077 1958 Here's a link to the livestream from our Clean Month event

  • Xingyi helps the world middle school students games Xingyi helps the world middle school students games
    Xingyi helps the world middle school students games

    Xingyi helps the world middle school students games Since being awarded the right to host the 18th World Middle School Summer Games in 2017, Jinjiang has been working hard to advance the preparations for the event. This year's World Games was originally scheduled to be held from October 17th to 24th, 2020. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the International Middle School Sports Federation announced on August 6, 2020, that the 18th World Middle School Summer Games will be postponed to October 16-23, 2021. On the Dragon Boat Festival, the city’s Federation of Trade Unions held a fun sports carnival for employees of "Helping the World Games, Safe and Participating". Xingyi's athletes actively participated and helped the World Zhongyun together.

  • Why XINGYI is advocating Flooring Dust-Free month Why XINGYI is advocating Flooring Dust-Free month
    Why XINGYI is advocating Flooring Dust-Free month

    Why XINGYI is advocating Flooring Dust-Free month The flooring polishing industry develops rapidly in recent years, which provides us with dust-free and beautiful floors, creating a comfortable and healthy environment. While behind the gloss, there were countless floor workers who devoted silently. They were pushing the machines, facing the dust, and undertaking the heavy work. Many workers sicken with accumulated pneumoconiosis. Pneumoconiosis is not a disease, while it is a man-made injury. Every flooring worker is the main force of the industry, and also the pillar of the family. As a member of the floor polishing industry, we feel the weighty responsibility, so we set every June as the flooring dust-free month, advocating all the floor practitioners to endeavor for a dustless and healthy working environment. More than 200 customers have participated in our activities in the past, understood the original intention of the activities, and began to practice the concept of flooring dust-free. We know that an influential public welfare activity needs more people together and support with us. In 2021, Xingyi Flooring Dust Free Month has already spend third year. During the flooring Dust Free Month activity, Xingyi company will appeal for the harm of pneumoconiosis and popularize dust-free grinding together with all floor grinding practitioners. As long as our client buy the specified grinding machine, they can get the one set of matching vacuum cleaner free. At the same time,Our client does not need to pay extra money, Xingyi will donate 1% of the amount to the Public Welfare Fund for Pneumoconiosis, and each donation will be published on the official website with name of our client.You are buying is not only grinding equipment, that is practical action to social contribution. Sharing world, same fate, let us applaud for the people who work hard and beautify the environment.

  • Construct Exhibition 2018 in SriLanka Construct Exhibition 2018 in SriLanka
    Construct Exhibition 2018 in SriLanka

    Construct Exhibition 2018 in SriLanka Time:2018.8.24-8.26 Address:  Hall E of Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall Booth number: Hall E,E12 CONCRETE ASIA 2018

  • the grinding machine and polishing demo the grinding machine and polishing demo
    the grinding machine and polishing demo

             Fujian XingYing Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd is proud to be one of biggest system integrators that providing full-floor polishing products and seivice in china ,our factory locates in jingjiang ,china with professional R&D, Designing .Manufactuing,Sales and Customer Support teams.Currently we have around 350 employees spreading all over the world.         We have been to Singapore ,Malaysia ,Thailand ,Egypt and Saudi Arabic etc countries to offer our system solutions on polishing of concrete ,granite and tank stone .and we  visit  the distributors every year to solve the customer's problems in site.

  • Planetary concrete floor grinder demo HTG-800-4A Planetary concrete floor grinder demo HTG-800-4A
    Planetary concrete floor grinder demo HTG-800-4A

    Planetary concrete floor grinder demo HTG-800-4A 1. The equipment itself is equipped with walking function. The operator don’t need to promote or pull the grinding  machine, which reduce the labor force. 2. The parametric setting keeps the grinder working pace and grinding pace at the same speed. To achieve the  cruise control and grinding effect evenly. This feature can save grinding time and minimizes the risk of operator error. 3. Ramp grinding function, grinding machine with their own sensors and control chips to achieve walking and speed  cruise control within 25 degree ramp.(Car design climbing degree is 17 degrees.) 4. Integrated battery design, body integrated battery system, with the universal front wheel system, which facilitate  the equipment transportation.

  • concrete floor grinders demo concrete floor grinders demo
    concrete floor grinders demo

            Xingyi Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd is proud to be one of  integrators that providing  full-floor  polishing products and service in China.We have  Global Series and High Tech  Grinding Series Polishing Machines which varies from one head to four heads can be able  to meet different construction requirements.  The gear-driven machines are user-friendly  and productive,  and they are able to grind  efficiently and give out a a fine polish on  the surface. And our machines can work in planetary or rotatory direction. Moreover, We  do provide various horsepower options such as 20HP,  15HP, 10HP, 7.5HP and more.We also  offer our The High Tech Grinding Tools including metal pads and resin pads with fantastic  value and a good price. As for chemicals, we have our High Tech Grinding Chemicals for  repairing, hardening, sealing and  stone crystallization.

  • Elaboration in craft, Shinningflat floor system Elaboration in craft, Shinningflat floor system
    Elaboration in craft, Shinningflat floor system

            Elaboration in craft, simplicity in the design. Xingyi machinery is committed to create a  easy operation, but efficient grinding floor machine. Ingenuity in produce, initial in heart. Xingyi machinery is pursuing to create a beautiful, clean and colorful living environment. What we  hope to provide to you are a machine, a set of solutions, a package of life-long service.         Xingyi machinery has been adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship. For this reason, xingyi  machinery  held  the  second "craftsmanship  cup"  competition  on  September 17th. The  participants of this competition are global sales  departments,  domestic  sales  department,  R&D departments and engineering departments. Xingyi machinery dedicated research and  development production and sales of grinding machines, more than ten years  like  one  day,  on the quality of grinding and polishing machine strives for perfection, the  pursuit  of  higher  efficiency, more convenient grinding machine is research and development production, after  is recognised by customers and industry, pursuit is customers to hing wing machine, hing wing  service affirmation and recognition, can be seen from the scene of the photo, they completely  with the spirit of artisan, scorching sun, they fight, fight in the field but also pay attention to the  field of each process, each step will be the sloppiness of any operation, the operation of any. From this competition, we can see the great craftsman spirit of our team members. The great  craftsman spirit is reflected not only in the project of developing and producing machines, but  also in the process of using machines. The machines for this competition include the ground  grinding machine 800-4A, the HP-27 high speed polishing machine, and our   great   vaccum  IVC-55A, complete set of universal testing kit, as well as auxiliary equipment such as the floor  cleaning machine. It  is  worth  mentioning that the main  equipment  and  appliances  for  this  competition are all the machines of our self-grinding production of Xingyi. The main parts and  components of the machines are WEG (international brand), the frequency converter is delta,  and  108  assembly  quality  control  procedures. Three  strict  testing  process,  the  quality  is  controlled by a third party, to say the quality of our machine is completely can trust, grinding and  also our hing wing their research and  development  production, production  machine  and the  function of the machine wi...

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