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AI self-propelled floor grinder machine RPG-800

  • July 13, 2019
When we are still immersed in the joy of the 4G era,the theme of AI is quietly carried out in various industries,Huawei’s 5G Britain first debut shows you how fast the network is.People’s impression of the flooring industry is nothing more than hard heavy dust everywhere for decades.However,with the development of economic and quality of life,traditional manual floor grinder machines have been unable to meet the needs of the public, and new floor grinders start to label with intelligent.

In the era of pursuing health and environmental protection, Xingyi keep exploring more advanced flooring technology and equipment, establishes a green,eco-friendly Shinning Flat floor polishing system.To cater to the development of AI smart era,we advocate the application of auto self-propelled floor grinder.

AI Self-propelled floor grinder machine PRG-800

From the floor labor’s point of view,Xingyi is good choice who help them to enjoy a healthier and easier working environment. From the perspective of the market, Xingyi develops and produces high-quality,smart self-propelled floor grinding machines, which conforms to the trend of the times, has a good consumer reputation, and can serve people with good products.

Xingyi launched AI self-propelled floor grinder machine RPG-800 to let global floor labors to work with health,easiness and happiness.

AI self-propelled floor grinder machine RPG-800

R=rocket,means powerful, intelligent,modern, magical, digitizing
P=propelled means easy to operate, save workload,certain speed cruise

G=grenade,means stable performance, high efficiency

1.Remember grinding path by setting a starting/end point, then it will work automatically, it is the future trend for floor polishing.
2.Change its directions by one switch, it is friendly for new operators, and saves many troubles.
3.Equip with GPS device can monitor the machine and send the data to XINGYI company, which is helpful for after sales
4.7 inches touchscreen, which is a new breakthrough in human and machine interaction
5.We insert a steel piece in the damping cushion, decreasing the rate of avulsion.
remote conctrol floor grinder machine RPG-800 demo

RPG-800 now is quit popular,and we have done demo in some different countries.

Believe it,hot sell new style remote control floor grinder RPG-800 will be your love.

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