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Concrete Polisher Machine Buffing Floor Like a Mirror,Bright as New

  • 2019-08-03

We went to Russia last week to help our precious client to know how to operate the machine and how to polish

the concrete,who bought flooring system product from us.

concrete floor polish before and after

As we can see,the floor become shinning and bright just like a mirror after grinding,repairing,solidification and


To achieve this shinning flat concrete floor polishing,the floor polisher machine is essential.

High-Speed Concrete Floor Polishing Machine 700HP play an important role of the High Tech Grinding

Shinning Flat Concrete Polishing System.

High speed concrete floor polisher machine

Its handle and swing lever are adjustable, can be adjust to suitable location,to meet the needs of different users.

Its body weight is up to 208kgs,breaking the weight of polishing machine in flooring industry.The machine is

equipped with a super soft shock absorption structure without belt broken,specially good for uneven floor surface,

greatly improving the efficiency of grinding to ensure the grinding effect.

In addition,floor polisher buffer machine 700HP has two glare LED lights on it ,this can help you to see clearly

the floor grinding effects.

floor concrete polishing machine

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