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How to Repair Holes and Cracks in Concrete Floor : Cutting to Repair

  • November 15, 2019

Concrete repairing can ba divided into six ways:grinding method,cutting method,hand trowel repair,drilling repair,polymer mortar repair and affusion repair. We talked about the grinding method last time,and today we would like to introduce the cutting method to you to repair holes and cracks.This way is suitable for cracks larger than 1 mm, holes bigger than 20mm.

concrete repairing and grinding

The detailed cutting repair process is as follows:
Repair holes and cracks before grinding concrete floor.
1. Cut the hole edges with angle grinder and V-shape cutting blade by depth 1cm,width 1cm.
2. Clean and wet the surface till there is no obvious water logging.
3. Spread the repairing agent EC-1008 a layer to the bottom of the crack.
4. Dilute repairing agent EC-1008 with water by ratio 1:2,  and then mix with the diluted EC-1008 with repairing mortar by ratio 1:6.  Stir well and mixer.
5. Pour the repairing mixing material to the crack and make sure the new mixing mortar higher than the surface at least 1mm.
6. Check whether the repair is completed, protect the ground with water 3-5 times.

7. After protecting 2-4 hours, then you can carry out the next grinding process.

★ 1-5mm holes, cut and clean with a engraving machine;
★ 5-6mm cracks, cut and extend its width, the depth of the cut can not be less than 10mm, while preferably more than 30mm;
★ The hole width more than 10mm but less than 50mm holes, cut it at least 20mm depth; hole width larger than 50mm, cut at least 50mm depth.

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