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Self-Propelled Floor Grinder can Easily to do Hard Floor Grinding and Leveling

  • August 28, 2019

Some places have high requirements on floor ground, not only requiring wear-resistant and durable, but also flat,such as production workshop,warehouse,storage centres,logistics centres,terminals. Because at these place,forklifts often carry goods back and forth,or heavy-loads pile up,the flat floor is more conducive to work safely,and forklift operation and cargo stocking will be more stable and avoid accidents.Due to the high requirement of wear-resitant for these places,the hardness of the floor will be relatively higher,which makes the floor grinding machine work more difficult.

concrete floor grinding before and after

High Tech Grinding self-propelled floor grinder 800-4A has achieved good results in floor leveling. It weighs 521KG and equipped with two extra 30KG weighted irons.With this heavy weight,it makes the concrete floor grinding machine has strong cutting force.What's more,the four-head planetary rotatering system and self-propelled walking function let the floor grinding machine work more stably and more evenly,and make a super shining flat concrete floor.
self-propelled concrete grinder 800-4a
For hard floor grinding and leveling, it can be more easily to solve with high tech grinding self-propelled floor Grinder 800-4A!

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