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Concrete Floor Surface Edge Grinder Suitable for Polishing Small Areas

  • August 24, 2019

When using large floor grinders in construction projects, there may be corners that cannot grind and polish,then how to deal with this problem??Edge floor grinder HTG-250VS can meet your needs and can use to grind edge of floor, corner and small areas.

Mini Concrete Floor Surface Grinding Machine,Concrete Edge floor Grinder,suitable for small area of concrete floor.It can be used in preparing,refurbishing floor,and removing glue layer and paint of Epoxy floor.

Because of the light and handy body,it is very easy to move on and transport by vans and cars,and its abrasives consumption will be less.
The concrete floor edge grinder equiped with a adjusting system,can change the machine level,which avoid deflection problem occurring on the single disc machine and unusable problem of other types of abrasives.
concrete edge floor grinding machine,mini floor grinder,concrete floor grinder before and after
In addition,the cutting efficiency of this grinder is high and the leveling effect is good. It can be prepared for the floor construction, such as refurbishing floor,removing glue layer and paint.

Xingyi not only develop,produce and sell the floor grinding machine,but also provide customers with professional floor technical guidance, if you have any doubts in floor solutions,please feel free to call us.

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