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What are Methods of Concrete Crack and Holes Repair?

  • October 19, 2019
As we all know, not all construction projects are new built,there are some projects are old flooring renovation due to the considering of cost and other factors. The floor will enter the aging stage and start ashing and dusting after a long-term use,while there may also be cracks and holes in it.Cracks and holes in floors can be hugely annoying, costly to fix, and time consuming to repair…However,in the flooring construction,no matter what you want to do for the floor,the cracks and holes should be repaired at the first.

old concrete floor full of cracks and holes

How to Select Suitable Method of Concrete Crack and Holes Repair?
Suitable method for repair of cracks in concrete can be selected based on evaluation of the crack in structure. Once the type of cracks and holes are established, then suitable method can be selected.

1. Way of floor grinding: the hole is less than 10 mm, the crack is less than 1 mm, grinding concrete will a good way to repair it.

2. Cutting and stitching: the hole is larger than 20mm, and the crack is larger than 1mm.
Use the angle floor grinder to cut the slit, then mix the concrete repairing agent EC-1008 and repair mortar to stich the cracks, finally grind concrete floor after drying.
Cutting and stitching way to fix the concrete cracks
3. Drilling and plugging: the hole is larger than 10mm.
Drill holes with a drill. After cleaning, plug the holes with EC-1008 concrete repair agent and repair mortar. After maintenance and drying, grind and polish concrete floor.
drilling and plugging method to repair concrete holes
4. Overlay and Surface Treatments: suitable for partial loose, jump sand floor,very fine cracks.
Clean the floor and cover the repair material (EC-1008 concrete repairing agent mixing with repairing mortar) on concrete floor surface, level with a spatula, and grind and repair after drying.
Overlay concrete repairing agent and mortar and floor Surface Treatments
5. Epoxy injection and grouting: suitable for partially empty drum floor.
The infusion method uses grouting to repair empty drums of floor, saving time, and the base layer is not damaged, especially suitable for the underground garage, factory building, etc., and the construction process would not affect the owner's using, which is a convenient way.
Epoxy injection to repair concrete floor empty drums by high pressure Grouting machine

6. Polymer mortar method: Mostly used in damaged ground,such as the old underground parking lot in using,which need to be completed quickly, and not to re-excavate and re-paving, not to dig away but the height is limited.

Polymer mortar method:to repair damaged garage or undergroud parking lot

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