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How to Polish Concrete Floor?

  • October 29, 2019

As environmental awareness increases, polished concrete flooring  become more and more popular in the world due to its unique characteristics of eco-friendly,long-lasting and low maintenance.

Concrete polishing is a multi-step process, depending on the quality of surface. Additionally,almost any structurally sound concrete floor,whether new or old,can be polished.By using diffirent diamond tools to sand the concrete smooth.With the use of industrial vacuums,polishing concrete can be in a dry and dust-free working environment.

Shining Flat concrete polishing system--concrete floor grinding and polishing

How to polish concrete?
Utilize the concrete grinding and polishing machine,hardening densifier,sealer and diamond grinding pads to grind and polish it.
1.Check the surface condition
Check the surface through the inspection equipment,and mark it where needs to repair.Especially pay attention to whether there are bolts on the floor,if there are,it must be removed first to avoid damage to the machine.
concrete floor prep,concrete floor testing equipment,mohs testing pen
2.Rough Grinding and Leveling
Grind with metal bond segments grinding shoes HTG-2Y 30#,60# until the concrete surface is even and smooth, then clean the floor surface.
3.Repair the Cracks and Holes

If there are some cracks or holes,please repair the surface with repairing agent HTG EC-1008 and fast-drying cement.(Repairing Agent:Water=1:1).Then grind the concrete floor with floor grinder and metal bond grinding pads HTG-2Y 120#.After repairing,please kindly to clean the machine and the surface in time to avoid influence the next process.

4.Harden the Concrete
Harden concrete surface with hardening densifier HTG-C01, about 0.2-0.5KG per square meter.
Spray the hardener on concrete surface,and push it repeatedly and evenly,then keep moist for 30 minutes to allow the agent to penetrate the floor.

how to polish concrete?what is polished concrete flooring.
5. Fine Grinding
After 4 hours of natural curing after hardening treatment,polish with resin polishing pads HTG-C310 200#,HTG-XZ 400#, 800# in order,please remember that clean up the dust after each polishing.
When you polish the floor surface with the grit of 400#,the floor will start to become bright,please make sure there is no scratch on the floor before this.
6. Fine Polishing
Apply sealer HTG-EC-S01 to the floor surface,polish with a high speed floor polisher 700HP and buffing pads HTG-DIP-S027 1500# when the floor surface is semi-dry.

concrete grinding and polishing before and after
Polished concrete floors are low-maintenance, as they are more durable and easier to clean than many flooring options.

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