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Daily Maintenance for Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

  • August 10, 2019

For the flooring industrial,working environment are usually full of dust.For the sake of good health and staying away from pneumoconiosis,connecting with a industrial vacuum cleaner when  grinding and polishing concrete floor is very important.


However, the long-term working or improper using may cause some damages and shorten the life of the industrial vacuum cleaner.Therefore,maintenance and daily inspection become necessary.We'd like to share some tricks with you to extend life of machine.

1.Clean up debris from cyclone and filter container and another vacuum accessories in time after working,please kindly to be noted that do not use wet vacuum bags or vacuum buckets
2.Always check if the power cord and plug are damaged,wrap the coil into a bundle hung after using.
3.Use the vacuum cleaner with care without any external impact.
4.Placed the industrial vacuum cleaner in a ventilated and dry place please when not using it.
5.Wipe the machine with a cloth with water and a mild detergent.Direct washing with water is strictly prohibited.
6. Do not leave the machine in continuous working for a long time.
7.In order to prevent the suction from falling and blockage of filter mesh,wash the filter and cloth bag with water regularly and dried in a cool place before using.
8.If the motor overheat, emits a burnt smell, or has abnormal vibration and noise, it should be repaired in time, and should not be used barely.
9.Do not fold the hose frequently and do not stretch and bend excessively.

As a flooring person,we shall not only know how to make a floor, but also know how to maintain our own machinery.This will greatly reduce the occurrence of various emergencies and affect your work efficiency.
Xingyi not only offer flooring system products,but also provide free technical guidance on construction and machine maintenance to you.
If you have any problems in flooring,please feel free to contact with us,thank you.

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