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Diamond floor grinding Copper base mental pads HTG-C21

1. Copper based pads is the most efficient tools applying in rough grinding, edge grinding, repairing and maintenance of concrete floor system.

2.Concrete grinder pads is aggressive and efficient for various concrete floors.

3.Concrete dry polishing pad has grits from 16# to 120#, there are soft,medium,hard bond.

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    High Tech Grinding
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    Xiamen Port
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    within 7 days after receiving your payme
Product Detail

Manufacturing Center 

Xingyi Factory had developed for 19 years,Awarded 123 patents for inventions.Helping our clients finished many kinds of floor  maintance grinding  polishing projects.

Product Description


Features & Advantages

1.Concrete floor grinding  pads HTG-C21 is the suitable for soft 、middle soft 、harden floor ground.

 Copper Bond pads have a higher working effiency.

2.This pads also suitable for the wet and  dry floor grinding.

3.30#、60#、120# three kinds of pads have different diamond segment,so the higher pads is, the bigger diamond segments will be.

After rough and fine grinding and polishing with the polishing pads,the floor surface will be more Shinning flat.

Technical Specification

Model HTG-C21

concrete /terrazzo floor grinding pads

Segements size 38*10*12mm 
Application suits for concrete /terrazzo floor 

Working type

wet/dry grinding 
Delivery within 7 working days


9pcs in one carton


Delivery and payment

Payment terms will be T/T or Western Union.

Delivery within one week after we get the payment from you.

Service You can tell us what kind of floorings and how many square meter of your project and then we will recommend you the most effective and economical one.

Customer Demo

Our Certificates

Xingyi enterprise had awarded 123 patents,like passed CE,ISO9001,TUV,SGS....., Being  5  years of outstanding consecutive equipment manufacturers, Fujian Floor Association. 

Our Service

Packing & Delivery

Company Information

1.We are the one of the biggest system integrates which providing Full-floor polishing products and service in China.

2.Not only we are a factory,but also have our own engineering company.

 Any questions about the machines or projects,we can give you a free  technical guidence.

3.We have a 34 foreign offices across the global so that we can provide an extremely  details and customer support.

4.Our annual international floor treatment seminar is more and more popular among famous connoisseurs.


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