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Easy operate  wood floor sanding machine

HTG-XY300A  wood polishing machine is a polishing machine suitable for all kinds of new and old wood floors. 

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Easy operate  wood floor sanding machine

This potable wood floor polishing machine is specially designed for the processing of large-scale floor surfaces in schools, gymnasiums and factories. The characteristics of HTG-300A are strong working mode, perfect processing quality, high efficiency of dust collection device and low dust pollution.


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national floor grinder

(1) Suit for all kinds of new and old wood floors, grinding direction won't be influenced by wood texture.

(2) Easy operation, safe, high efficiency with low noise.

(3) Working width of cylinder is 300mm which suits for large-area construction projects.

(4) With on electric motor as the source power, machine grinds the wooden floor by two different types of belt which is used to drive the cylinder and dust collector.

grinding a garage floor

Wood floor polishing and renovation steps:

1. First, find a professional floor polishing and refurbishing machine, and perform several polishing to remove the paint layer and the surface layer. The wooden layer is about 0.5 mm to make the floor surface more delicate and smooth to a new state. For the corners of the floor, use small The sanding machine is used for sanding to achieve an overall smooth effect.
2. Seal the original side seams again, then seal the whole floor with primer and let it dry slowly.
3. After the primer is dry, apply the topcoat for the first time and wait for it to dry.
4. Grind the surface carefully with sandpaper, grind the surface until it is rough, and remove the powder on the surface.
5. Brush the topcoat three to four times in accordance with the above procedure, and no grinding is necessary for the latter time.
6. After the top coat is completely dry, apply the floor wax.

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national floor grinder

concrete profile grinder

Product packaging

rent a concrete floor polisher


1. Can you leave concrete floors bare?

Bare concrete floors might often be the cheapest option, but they can lead to a whole host of problems that could incur more costs, hassle, and lost time than installing a coating in the first place.

2. What are the best shoes to wear on concrete floors?

The best shoes for walking or working on concrete floors are Timberland PRO Men's Sports Shoes and Skechers Men's Glides Calculous Loafer. They are comfortable athletic work shoes for walking / standing on the concrete floors for long hours.

3. Is unsealed concrete toxic?

When you leave your concrete warehouse floors unsealed, the concrete will produce flecks of concrete dust that can coat machinery, create a dirty work environment, wreaking havoc on manufacturing, and even cause health issues. It's simply unavoidable and a very real issue unless you seal the floors.

4. Why need a concrete floor grinder?

When it comes to all-in-one construction tools, a concrete floor grinder is a must. Whether the job involves grinding down uneven concrete slabs, leveling joints, removing stubborn tile, vinyl glue, paint, or giving a concrete surface a smooth appearance or even cleaning industrial contaminants, these powerful machines eliminate the need for chemical etching, making quick work out of concrete surfacing jobs both big and small.
Most grinders are made to handle dry and wet surface jobs. Successful grinding requires proper clean-up and disposal of the concrete dust or slurry created by the process.

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HTG-XY300A  wood polishing machine is a polishing machine suitable for all kinds of new and old wood floors. 

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