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granite crystal compound polishing maintenance

granite crystal compound polishing maintenance

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Product Detail

XY-102 granite crystal compound is applicable to wet grinding and fine polishing for the stone surface that lost gloss, and repair the worn-out surface and reproduce the luxury gloss again. Granite polishing chemical fits for all kinds of granite.


Before hard crystallization treatment, choose weighing cleaning machine and fur or wool polishing mat, this saves cost, labor and machine.Make the stone shine like new, rich in layers and improve anti-wear performance. Has function of preventing stain penetration, surface scratch, slide, etc.
Introduction:Clean the stone surface thoroughly, remove the old wax, then take the right amount of the product and put under the polishing mat. Use the polishing machine to polish, polish the surface repeatedly according to the different stone material and it's degree of wear until the stone surface creat high gloss crystal layer.Working area of this product can be 100-200 square meters per kilogram.

Packing: 5kg/barrel

Storage:Save in the dry place. Save period:2 years

Warning:It is harmful when breathing in, skin exposure or deglutition. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and seek medical assistance immediately.

This product is confined to the professionals use.

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