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  • Xingyi Back to Work in 6th.Feb.2017
    Dear Friends, Now Xingyi will back to work in 6th. Feb.2017, In the Chinese Lunar New Year, Xingyi all workers hope we will have prosperous business in brand new 2017. Good Luck.
  • Important News from Xingyi for New Year Vacation
    Dear My All Xingyi Friends, As Chinese New Year Holiday is around the conor, Xingyi factory will be closed from 15th January - 6th, Feb.2017 for vacation, so if you may need the goods during this time, you could order first, then we could arrange it asap.
  • Xingyi 2017 Flooring Seminar Is Coming
    Last March, we learned together for the flooring solution; Last March, we drank a toast at the party; Last March, we had a very great time. It is time to meet again for the new March, Xingyi team misses the old friends very much, also hope to meet "you"--our new friends.
  • ShinningFlat Floor System-------concrete floor polishing Prepare material : Detail Steps: 1. Check worksite: flatness,glossiness,hardness and strength . Original worksite: Flatness:-3mm Glossiness:12 Hardness No.:7.5 Strength:25 2.Rough grinding with High Tech grinder HTG-800-4 and metal pads 3T-3Y HF 60# 3.Clean the surface with scrubber and dry with vacuum . 4.Grinding with metal pads 120# also repair the pores: 5.Rough polishing with resin pads HTG-C310(50# 100# )  6.Hardness treatment:  concrete hard agent HTG-EC-N01     Spray concrete hard agent --after Clear dust,Keep Wet 30mins, Reaction between floor and densifier in 2hour-24 hours (24 hours will be better). 7.  Fine polishing with resin pads HTG-C310(200#400#) and HTG-C405 (800#1500#) see ,lady can easy handle the big strong machine which weight 515kg 8.  Concrete Sealer:HTG-EC-S01 Spray sealer after cleaning the surface. Polish with high speed burnisher and pads 1500# 9.Finial result: Finial result: Flatness:-0.5mm Glossiness:74 Hardness No.:8.5 Strength:31 Welcome to Xingyi and join us Xingyi group will always be your one-stop shop in China for Flooring System Products.  Xingyi Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd -- Professional Floor System Products Manufacturer
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