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XINGYI  2018 11th seminar will be hold from 10-11th,March 2018.
Thanks for your coming and big support to us for the International seminar and our schedule arrangement, 
This time we have the course as follows:
1. Shinningflat concrete polishing
2. Tankstone systems (Epoxy terrazzo)
3. Concrete Coloring
4. Concrete Bush / Hammer Surface
5. Stone polishing
6. Concrete paving

We will share report and video link soon once finish, and just feel free to let me know if you need presentation of Bod harris really missing the happy time together, please kindly let us know if you already safety back home.

Hope we can see you soon, Glad to cooperate with you.


Mar.2015, Xingyi Artistic Terrazzo Floor Paving&Polishing Seminar, including 

Theory:The application and construction technology of incommercial floor:Where will be used/ How to design paterns

Theory:Introduction of expoxy mortar installation

Practice:The practice of expoxy mortar installation

Practice:Concrete grinding&polishing skills--grinding 

Practice:Stone polishing&restoration

Theory:Conarete cracks prevention and treatment

Pratice:How to repair concrete cracks

Pratice:Demo on artistic terrazzo paving

Practice:Concrete grinding &polishing skills--polishing

Practice:Demo on artistic terrazzo paving


Mar. 2016, High Tech Grinding Shinningflat Floor System Seminar, including,

Theory:Laser screed machine application introduction

Demo:Laser screed machine calibration, concrete paving demo

Demo:Concrete sinishing(laitance treatment)

Demo:Shinningflat concrete polishing--Grinding, repairing, hardening

Demo:Bad dusting concrete polishing system--grinding, repairing hardening

Demo:Industrial coloring emery-wear resistant floor laitance keeping syste--cleaning,hardening

Demo:Bad dusting concrete polishing system--polishing,hardening

Demo:Shinningflat concrete polishing system--polishing, applying sealer

Demo:Epoxy terrazzo priming,divider strip installation

Demo:Epoxy terrazzo paving

Demo:Epoxy terrazzo grinding, polishing, grouting

Demo:Epoxy terrazzo polishing, crystallization

Demo:Bad dusting concrete polishing system-polishing,hardening

Demo:Stone polishing--marble, granite

Theory:High Tech Grinding machine,trowelling machine, pads, chemical.


Xingyi welcome you to our seminar to share the floor experience on floor resolution 




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