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  • Updated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner IVC-550L
    Updated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner IVC-550L--With great feedback 1. Material of the filter is imported from Japan. The anti-dust-traping filter design is able clear the dirt and debris cleanly, and guarantees the strong suction of vacuum for long time using. 2. Patented turbe cyclone design to increase the air pressure. without angles obstruction in a smooth arc-shaped tank, the vacuum can save 60% of the energy and increase 50% of  the working efficiency, 30% of the dust clearing efficiency, and reduce 30% of the noise. 3. Low noise dba design. 4. Longopac dust collecting system allows fast disposal of dust and get a dust-free environment. 5. With lifting fuction 6.Consistant high air flow,  Less dust left on the floor, contributing to time savings and a healthier working environment
  • New edge grinder with ultra thin grinding plate design can go under table
    New edge grinder with ultra thin grinding plate design can go under table 1. High Precision grinding The anti-crash guiding wheels will adjust the directions according to the surface condition and the main wheels walking route, making sure the constant contact of the guiding wheels and the wall. Closer contact to the wall to meet the edging requirements  in commercial flooring. 2. Latest damping patent helps the even grinding on the surface. 3. Great operatibility Built-in leveling device monitor the surface levelness and the hight of the diamond tools, adjust the center of gravity of the machine and avoid the unilateral running. 4. Flexibility There are five adjusting angle ranges, two on both sides and one in the middle. 5.Ultra thin grinding plate design Hight from the top point to the surface is 10cm and allow the plate to enter under the table.
  • New Self-Propelled Concrete Floor Grinder HTG-900A
    Biggest working width with seld-propelled function, you don,t need to worry about for efficiency of your workers any more. Workers will be very happy to work everyday now, and with self-moving skill can make sure that you could have perfect working effect in certain speed of machine.
  • Xingyi Remote Control Grinder HTG-800-4E and Self-Propelled Grinder HTG-800-4A
    Xingyi Remote Control Grinder HTG-800-4E: 1. Liberate the labor force and labor cost. 2. Enable higher production rate and output. 3. Imported driving motor, gearbox and Chip protect continuous work. 4. 30minutes battery life after power cut off for effortless transportation.   Xingyi Self-Propelled Grinder HTG-800-4A: 1. Self-propelled, no need operator to control machine ( except the turns), ease the labor force greatly. 2. Walking at setting speed with long battery life ( Machine can walk at setting speed at upward or downgrade slope. For example, if you make setting 10meter/min, machine will proceed base on the program instruction) 3. Built-in battery for easy handling. 4. Long battery life ( Charge 7 hours can walk 25 hours )  
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