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Name:2017 Construction Equipment and Tools Supplier for Floor Coating Industry in China.

Issued By:Construction Equipment and Tools Supplier for Floor Coating Industry in China

Validity Period:2017.2-later days.

Range:in China.



Issued By:Beijing Oriental ascept Certificate Center

Validity Period:2011-03-30~2014-08-29

Range:processing machinery



Validity Period:2011-05-01~2021-05-29

Range:ente certificazione machine

Name:SGS International Certification--factory authentication licence


Issued by:SGS

Validity Period:2010-05-29~2111-05-29

Range:all world

Name:Business Licence


Issued By:Chinese General Administration of Commerce

Validity Period:2009-04-01~2059-03-31

Range:Business Licence

Name:Tax certificate


Issued By:National Taxation Head Office

Validity Period:2009-04-11~2011-08-25


Name:The national quality prestige AAA service company

Issued By:The mational quality prestige AAA service company China quality credit eveluation center

Validity Period:2007-06-01~2010-08-25

Range:Product quality prestige

Name:China stone care product Brand Top 10

Reference:China stone 2008(CISE)126th

Validity Period:2008-03-01!~2011-11-03

Range:stone, floor

Name:China Stone stone maintenance and maintenance engineering Top 10

Issued By:China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Pudong Sub-council China Shanghai stone industry Shanghai Oriental Institite

Validity Period:2010-01-04~2050-08-25


Name:Engineer Certificate

Reference:Hushineng(shi) 2008 009

Issued By:Stone Assocoation

Validity Period:2009-08-02~2011-06-10

Range:engineer certificate

Name:Standing director company

Issued By:Beijing stone industry association of stone maintenance professional committee

Validity Period:2010-01-01~2011-10-12

Range:stone care

Name:Certificate of appreciation for Indonesia exhibition

Issued By:Hall A&B jakarte convention center Indonesia

Validity Period:2010-06-30~2010-08-25

Range:stone exhibition

Name:service and product quality certificate

Validity Period:2010-01-07~2011-10-19

Range:service and product quality

Name:Patent Certification

Issued By:The Intellectual Property Bureau of China

Validity Period:2012-07-16~2020-07-16

Range:multifunction grinding plate


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