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  • XINGYI Invite you see you in Concrete fair in India
     XINGYI Invite you see you in Concrete fair in India   Time:2018.5.24-5.26 Address:  Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC),Highway, Goreagon (East) Mumbai - 400 063 Booth number:Hall 4, C29                                Hope We can give you the best as we chat face to face. Anything call Jane Ling 0086-15960188816(wechat/whatsapp) 
  • We will attend Exhibition of Indobuildtech Expo 2018 ICE BSD
    Dear my friend, Here I had great news to share with you. We will attend Exhibition of Indobuildtech Expo 2018 ICE BSD. Time: 2nd-6th May Booth number: Hall 9, No. 9-T-3B Address: Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, Jakarta Indonesia. Contact: Jane, +8615960788816/ Albert Njoo, +6282245398979 During the fair we will show our systems products for floor polishing.  If your schedule permits, please do not miss this opportunity to know more. Looking forward to hear from you soon. 
  • Xingyi Safety Month
    "Safe Work, Safe Life" - "Xignyi Safety Month" Safety Knowledge Lecture Held Successfully [Preface] Security is the foundation of life. It is a prerequisite for the people to live and work in peace and to pursue a better life. It is also a guarantee for maintaining social stability and economic development. The numerous tragic cases in real life tell us that we should put safety first, and it is necessary to learn safety knowledge, improve our own safety awareness, and strengthen our self-rescue capability. In order to implement the safety production management system and create a safety  environment and living environment, [Xingyi Enterprise] on April 16 united [Anhai Traffic Police Squadron], [Anping Police Station] and [Anhai Fire Brigade] organized all employees to participate in “Xingyi Safety Month Safety training”in April,2018.The training covered the three major safety contents of “traffic safety”, “anti-fraud security” and “fire safety”, and organized employees to conduct practical training in firefighting. 【Xingyi Safety Month】 In order to keep in mind the painful lessons brought to us by the fire on 16th,April, Xingyi Enterprise determine put the April as company’s “Production Safety Month” of each year and hold a series of safety activities. General Manager of Xingyi Enterprise  Mr. Xie Qipeng making a Speech. Traffic-safety Anhai police station Mr.Cai explaining   Mr.Cai explained the importance of traffic safety for all employees through our real-life,and from the analysis of the causes of the accident, obtained  measures to prevent traffic accident. 1, No driving after drinking 2, Not fatigue driving 3, No talking with other people in the car 4, Not Making a  phone call when driving 5. Stay away from big trucks, no paralleling long time 6. Memorize and obey the traffic rules 7, Checking carefully before driving and riding 8, Always check cars conditions to ensure the normal operation 9. Strengthen traffic safety education [Anti-fraud security] Anping police station Mr.Lai training for everyone The training content of Lai police officers is mainly targeted at telecommunication fraud and cyber fraud, and reminds employees to pay more attention to the following points in daily life: 1, Taking attention to the Internet, learning fraud knowledge 2. Learning relevant cyber security knowledge 3. Encountered inaccurate things, ask for relatives, friends or polices. 4. When meeting cyber crimes, timely call police to recover losses as much as possible 5. Do not accept links, pictures, software and other documents from unfamiliar numbers or contacts in daily life. 6, Do not feel free to answer strange numbers and strange phone number. 7. Set the payment limition  to minimize the risk of financial security   【Fire Safety】 Anhai fire brigade Mr.Lian of...
  • Istanbul International Building Materials Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
    XINGYI Will Attend The Istanbul International Building Materials Exhibition This Year. Time:2018.5.8-5.12  Address:TUYAP FUAR CENTER  BUYUKCEKMECE/ ISTANBUL                 Booth number:Hall 9, No,J103                                                             Hope We can give you the best as we chat face to face. Anything call Jane Ling 0086-15960188816(wechat/whatsapp)
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