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diamond grinding polishing pads
hard remove diamond grinding polishing pads

hard remove diamond grinding polishing pads black is for hard concrete, red is for medium concrete, golden is for soft concrete

stone shine liquid
high gloss stone shine marble polishing liquid

Special effects to remove stains, wax stains,grease,pen stains  without damaging gloss of the stone surface.

stone dirty clearance
water stone dirty clearance chemicals

It is specially in removing the spot rust which made of the wet wood meal stain the stone.  It can’s damage the surface gloss.

granite rust remover
granite rust remover cleaner

It can remove rust and rust spots on granite,sandstone and argil.

rust remover chemical
industrial rust remover chemical

It could remove the rust stain, tea stain, ink stain and oxides on the marble cause no damage to the marble glossy

stone maintenance
excellent performance stone maintenance agent

It fits for wood floors,concrete,marble,ceramic tiles,etc.It could remove the oily and make the stone clean.

marble crystal powder
marble crystal powder chemical

It is especially perfect for polishing the marble surface with water. It can make the stone hold the luster again.

polish powder
stone polish powder compound

XY-106 high gloss granite cryatal compound is applicable to wet grinding and fine polishing for the stone surface that lost gloss, ideal for marble, granite, crystallized glsaa panel, glazes tile, terrazzo, etc. Repair the worn-out surface and reproduce the luxury gloss again.

troweling machine
floor surface troweling machine for sale

floor surface troweling machine for sale

concrete troweling
concrete troweling mortar spreading machine

concrete troweling mortar spreading machine

power trowel
gasoline power trowel for mortar

gasoline power trowel for mortar

electric power trowel
electric power trowel concrete machine

1.High torque aluminum gearbox with heat dissipation function; 2.Imported bearing and drive system; 3.The whole series hydraulic system imported from  Italy; 4.The original import Kohler motor from United States; 5.Centrifugal friction clutch for durable operation; 6.Equpped with 10 pieces 46 inch blades and 2 piece discs, economical and practical. if install 46 inch blade, it can achieve the perfect effect for cross cire without any traces; 7.Equipped with sprinkler system,lighting system,multifunctional instrument and tools bag

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