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terrazzo floor

    How to Grinding Epoxy Terrazzo Floor


Step1: Level the surface with grinding machine;

Use grinding machine to grind even and remove the glossy surface with metal pads 30#.

Step 2:Vacuum clean the surface to check the surface condition;

Clean the dust on the surface with vacuum to check the condition of surface, and make sure there are no cracks, hollows or some other defects.

Step 3:Priming;

According to the mixing ratio provided by supplier, measure out the appropriate amount of resin and hardener into the measuring pails.  Use a  drill with Jiffler blade to mix the resin and hardener together thoroughly for 1-2 minutes. Pour the material onto floor in a 4-6 inches ribbon and begin to use the chip brush / roller to spread around the edge and hard-reach areas. Pay attention to not leave any joint and spread the material from side to side, back-rolling, north to south, and cross-rolling, east to west.

Step 4:Installing the divider strips;

Installing color or pattern divider strips.Height of strips usually are 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.If height of the divider strips are less than 5mm show in I shape, you can use a melting gun to fix and locates directly.Shape of divider strips higher than 5mm often show in L shape. For L shape use the hot-melting gun and screws to fix on the surface. The fixing material should not reach 1/3 height of the strip.

Step 5:Paving epoxy terrazzo mixture;

According to the mixing ratio provided by supplier, mix Resin A and B thoroughly for 1-2 minutes, later add aggregates C inside to mix for1 minute. For a big project, pay attention to mix the resin and aggregates per the workders' construction capacity, do not mix too much epoxy and aggregates in one time. Keep each mixing ratio and time the exact same to prevent the color difference.

Xingyi High Tech Grinding epoxy terrazzo ratio A: B = 2: 1,C: AB = 4: 1

Step 6:Grinding repairing and polishing with HTG-088-4B;

Use epoxy resin and thickener to mix like cream to repair the holes and pores with scraper.  The application of thickener is to make the repairing easier as resin separately iis more thin and will sink when it's dry

Wet polish the surface with resin pads 50# 100# 200# 400# 800# 1500# 3000#. Machine speed can be adjusted to maximum and run machine back and forth.

Step 7:Crystallization with HTG-MS-02A and HTG-MS-02B.

Doing crstallization with HTG-MS 02A twice and MS02B three times with white pads.

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