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used concrete floor grinding polishing machine 700-4A

High Tech Grinding HTG-700-4A concrete 、stone grinding polishing machine  have achieved unique balance between devices power, design and tooling speed,efficiency. 

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Product Detail

Manufacturing Center

Product Description

Floor grinding polisher  High Tech Grinding 700-4A equips three level of addtional weight.Self-Propelled floor grinder HTG-700-4A will save your labor、time and worker cost.

Technical Specification

 Model  700-4A
 Machine weight  480kg
 Voltage   220-240V/380-440v three phase
 Additional weight  20kg*2
 Water tank capacity  23L
 Rptationg speed  450-1680rpm
 Inverter Power  25HP
 Working width  700mm
 Tools holder diameter  340mm*4

Machine Shows

Features & Advantages

1.Used concrete floor polishers HTG-7004A's extra weight could be put in normal position for easy transporting.

And last,you could kindly put  floor polishers HTG-700's additional weight on the behind to make sure workers easy to changing abrasives. 

2.Used concrete floor polishers HTG-700 adopts four heads counter grinding to have the balance of  grinding pressure and make the floor to be grinded more even ,it also make sure the floor polishers HTG-700 could cut the difference of high and low well.

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