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    RPG-800 Concrete Floor Polisher Grinder Machine Introdution of Company Fujian XingYing Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd is proud to be one of biggest system integrators that providing full-floor polishing products and seivice in china ,our factory locates in jingjiang ,china with professional R&D,Designing .Manufactuing,Sales and Customer Support teams.Currently we have around 350 employees spreading all over the world. Our Certifications Xingyi enterprise had awarded 123 patents,like Passed CE,ISO9001,TUV,SGS......,Now Xingyi had cooperate with the several famous University like XImen University, Harbin Institute of Technology.Univeraity...,getting the certificates every year,she had 6 patents for the invention, being 5 years of outstanding consecutive equipment manufacturers, Fujian Floor Association.Xingyi is flying to the sky,we want you to join us,getting better and better. Product Description RPG-800 Concrete Floor Polisher Grinder Machine Model Name HTG RPG-800 Power 15KW / 20HP Rotating Speed  350-1950rpm  Voltage Amperage  220-240V  Three Phase / 380-440V Three Phase Working Width 800mm (256mm*4) Weight 580.5kgs / 1280lbs Inverter 380V 18.5KW / 25HP  or  220V 15KW / 20HP Features 1.HMI function RPG-800 floor grinding machine have digital control Human-Machine Interaction control panel and remote control function,can show all machine performance situation, parameters and accurateness. RPG new HMI function can makes it easier to control,adjust an use.It is a device that can be easily controlled and maintained by operators who with little experience. 2.Grinding track learning function.  The automatic driving function provides remote control, which significantly reduces the operator's work intensity and improves production efficiency. Auto-driving is the target of the future grinding machine. The RPG series can realize the automatic driving function by setting the starting point and the ending point. 3.Oscillation grinding function  The oscillation grinding function is to set the grinder swing from side-to-side movements which normally are made manually by the operator.The unique feature eliminates the ridges created between passes of different grits, and delivers a flatter floor. At the same time, as you don't need to grind the surface again by cross hatching method, the working time is saved. At the same site when the machine operator changes, the surface can be identical as the swing will not be influenced by the habit change of operators, but controlled by the settings of the machine. 4.Global GPS positioning & monitoring 5.Make U-turn by one button 6.Fault information warning function 7.Personalized parameter setting function 8.U disc to Upgrading the system 9.Timed lock function (make Rental machine business more easier)  RPG can do all things other company's remote control machine can do, and we have more functions what others not have . The 3-inch high-resolution colorful display can show all machine information and settings. The battery can be charged on RPG directly. Packaging & Shipping Packing Dteails: One sets concrete grindet machine packed in strandard wooden case Delivery Time:Shipped in 7 days after payment FAQ Q: Are u the manufacturer ? A: Yes of course, we are the manufacturer ! we welcome clients to visit our factory to inspect our  produce process at any time.Our factory is located in Jinjiang, China ( Xiamen airport, Xingyi pick up ) Q: How long your product's warranty ? A: One year warranty . Q: What is your MOQ ? A: 1 set Q: What is your packaging ? A: We package in Plywood case. Q: What is your payment method ? A: 100%^Or 50% T/T advance, the balance should be pay off before shipment.  Q: Do your machine can be custom-made ? A: Yes, we can design and produce according to client's requirements. Q: What is your delivery time ? A: 7~20 days ( according to the total quantity) Contact Us: Fujian Xingyi Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd Addresss:NO.C2 ,Area 11 ,AnPing Development Area, Quanzhou ,Fujian province ,China Salesman Of International Sales Dept: Lil Lian Tel/Wechat:+86-18659271350 More

800-4A Self-propelled And Four-head Floor Grinding Machine In Concrete Grind

The 800-4A is a efficient self-propelled floor grinding machine with high cost performance and high productivity. The design of planetary rotating and cruise control system makes the grinding effect uniform and stable.

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    High Tech Grinding
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    Fujian, China
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    Black And Silver
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    7-20 Days
Product Detail

800-4A Self-propelled And Four-head Floor Grinding Machine In Concrete Grind



800-4A Self-propelled floor grinding machine


220V 3 phase

380V 3 phase




Working width


Grinding disc


Motor Rotating speed


Motor HP





WEG motor + Delta inverter



Extra weight

20kg x 2

Water tank


Packing size


Four-head Floor Grinding Machine

1. There is a cruise conctrol system in the machine. By setting the grinding speed and walking speed, the grinding effect will be uniform and consistent, even the novice can process the ground eaisly.

2. The floating dust cover shorten the time of replacing abrasives with good  dustproof effect.

3. Equipped with well-known international brand WEG motor, Delta inverter, this grinder is of high quality and global after-sales service.

4. Three-stage additional weight iron can be adjusted according to the actual surface condition to increase or reduce the grinding pressure, which is also convenient for carrying.

5. Heavy net weight make larger grinding pressure and stronger grinding force.

6. Equipped with stainless steel water tank, this machine can be applied to both wet grinding and dry grinding.

7. The button layout of control panel is reasonable and the operation is simple and easy to understand.

8. With 25 degree slope climbing function, it is convenient for transportation.

800mm Self-driven concrete polisher


Four-head and multifunctional grinding disc



How do you grind concrete floors yourself?


Step 1: Check the floor surface condition.

Step 2: Grinding with 800-4A floor grinder and metal pads HTG-2Y 30# 60#.

Step 3: Clean the floor surface.

Step 4: Repair surface with HTG-EC-1008 and metal pads 120#.

Step 5: Polishing with resin pads HTG-C310-50# 100#.

Step 6: Harden the surface with densifier HTG-EC-L01.

Step 7: Polishing with resin pads C310-200# 400# 800# 1500#.

Step 8: Apply sealer HTG-EC-S01 on the surface.

Step 9: Buffing with high speed polisher and buffing pads.


How do you fix holes and cracks on floor with grinding machine?


Grinding repairing is suitable for the hole less than 10mm and cracks less than 1mm.

①Tools: 800-4A floor grinder, dustless cutting machine, diamond pads, EC-1008, fast drying cement, bucketm watering can.

②Clean all the sundries on floor with a acuum cleaner.

③Apply a sufficient EC-1008 repair agent when there is no obvious water logging.

④Grind directly with a 800-4A planetary grinding machine with the diamond pad(120#) until all holes and cracks are filled(speed should be 800-1000rpm)

⑤Check whether the repair is completed, protect the ground with water 3-5 times.

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