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How to Repair and Polish the Marble Floor

  • 2019-08-16 11:55:31

Have you ever feel angry due to buy some unqualified and full of some holes and cracks marbles? 
Do you hate seeing old,worn-out marble floors?

Now you won't be annoyed about those things any more.We will tell you how to repair dilapidated marble.

And do you know why there is some bubbles appear on the slab?Because it has just been cut out and there still have water and air inside.

Following is the unprocessed marble slab with some holes in it,and we will repair and make it turn shining and new.

how to repair and polish the marble floor

1.Mix the marble glue and a small amount of hardener to repair holes of marble slab.
2.Wait it dry(about 15 minutes) then we grind and polish the marble floor.

how to repair and polish the marble floor

3.Buffing the marble floor with dry resin polishing pads #200 and hand held floor polisher machine,then repair the left small holes.

4.Dry polishing with resin polishing pads #200,400,800,1500,3000,then spread a small amount of crystal powder for polishing.
5.Apply the Glazed agent and polish.

how to repair and polish the marble floor

Here's the final result:

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