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Xingyi Tell You:The Mistakes for the Hardening Flooring

  • 2016-09-09 14:37:01
Mistake 1: One kind of concrete densifier will solve all problems for all hardening flooring
According to the degree of density, flatness, concrete grade, the different aggregate for the concrete base, and different requirements for the technology of little stone appearance degree, cement grouting saving, concrete surface glazing and highlight, it should select different kings and models concrete densifier to satisfy different requirement for different hardening flooring system.

Mistake 2:The unit price of the concrete densifier does not depend on the price of the hardening flooring material
The principle of the hardening floor is the reaction occurs between the effective components in the concrete densifier product and the concrete floor base, and the reagent will pad the pores among the concrete floor base to improve the concrete intensity. So the effective components play the important role for the cost calculation of the hardening flooring system, in other words, the solid content. Although the concrete densifier with less solid content is cheaper, it can not reduce the hardening flooring system material cost.

Mistake 3:The construction cost of hardening flooring system is not only made up of the concrete densifier product cost.
The construction cost of hardening flooring system is made up of the material cost, consumable cost and labor cost. The intensity degree of the concrete base will influence the material cost directly, while the consumable cost and labor cost is mainly from the intensity and flatness of the concrete base, the more less intensity for the concrete base, the more consumable cost; the worse flatness for the concrete base, the more consumable and labor cost. What is more, the technology requirement will influence the construction of hardening flooring system, if you would like the little stone appearance, the consumable and labor cost will increase, because of the grinding times will increase. So, different intensity, density, flatness, technology requirement for the concrete base, the construction cost will be different.
Mistake 4:The quality of concrete densifier can not recognized by the human eyes and touch sense.
The concrete densifier belongs to fine chemistry, and it is made of many kinds of the chemical raw material matching precisely, so the component is very stable; it is not made of the single component, so The quality of concrete densifier can not recognized by the human eyes and touch sense.

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