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Xingyi Sales Team: Stone Caring and Concrete Grinding Competition

  • 2016-09-20 08:52:47
  Xingyi devotes itself to not only the high quality products, also the professional service.


  Before the terrible typhoon Meranti, there are the intense competitions for the stone caring and concrete grinding and polishing among Xingyi sales team.

  From the floor condition measure, including the floor flatness, hardness, intensity and brightness testing, then the metal pads grinding and resin pads polishing, although less experience for the holes repair on the concrete floor, and never use the concrete densifier and concrete protective, finally, every team completed all work according to the exact process, and get the appreciation from our projects managers who have the flooring experience for more than 10 years.


In the future, Xingyi sales team not only sell the products, also the professional service for the products instruction and projects solution.

  Now every sales can do the whole process for stone caring and concrete grinding, and we are waiting to show for you.

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