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Xingyi Sharing--How to Polish Marble

  • 2016-10-10 17:40:09
1.Finished good protaction

2.Cutting the jionts(to clean joints)

Tools: stone cutting machine, cutting blade, floor shove/knife,brush
a.Control well as the cutting route may go deviation. Go in straigh line and mive foeward.
b.Using dustless cutting machine as the dust can prevent your sight for the cutting route.
c.Cutting in 3-5mm thickness.
d.After cutting the joints, use knife to dig out the dirt inside the joints, also can use the vacuum to clean it.

3.Patch the joints

Tools: marble glue, gray knife/trowel--2 inch and 4 inch
a.Use the trowel to mix the marble glue and hardening agent together.
(marble glue:hardening agent =20:1), do not add too much hardening agent, especially in summer.
b.The marble glue ans hardening agent ,ust be fully mixed, if not, some glue will not dry and easy to peel.
c.Your skills should be stable while patching, the patching range does not need to be too large ans just stay in the middle, the trowel should be tilt to the surface and press the glue on the joint.
d.Pay attention to choose the correct color according to the floor color.


Tools:polishing machine 175A, vacuum cleaner, resin pads, mop, scraper.
Rough polishing: resin pads 50#-3000#
a.The first grit pads need to be put on the most inside, then each grit move out about 1cm, until 500# to 3000#, need to in tangent with plate.
b.Before starting machine, you need to turn on water valve first.
When changing pads, you need to clean the floor with vacum cleaner to check scratch ans effect.
When you lay down the machine, also be careful of water poured out


Tools:Crystal powder XY-105 with 3M polishing mat
a.Dry the surface with vacuum cleaner before crystallization
b.Mix XY-105 crystallization powder with water by ratio 1:2 or 1:3
c.Pour the mixed compound on the surface and polish with XY-175A and 3M red pad and quickly spread evenly on the marble surface.
d.Polish from left to right about 6-8 times and the powder will be absorbed by the surdace. Do not operate the machine too fast.

6.Clean with clear water, then use vacuum cleaner to dry the floor.

7.White polishing mat for frying floor

8.Working effect,

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