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The Perfect Encounter:Terrazzo Floor and Concrete Hardening Agent

  • 2016-08-05 15:47:58
The terrazzo floor is the gorgeous art from the flooring tradition. However, there exist the shortcomings for the terrazzo floor: first of all, easy dusting and ash; secondly, not dense enough, not resistant to dirt and not anti-oil; thirdly, not bright enough, so the development of terrazzo floor is limited.
   Now, there is the perfect solution -- concrete hardening agent, it will help to avoid the shortcomings for the terrazzo floor and make it more beautiful.


The advantage of terrazzo concrete hardening agent:

1.Harness: after the terrazzo concrete hardening agent, the hardness of the terrazzo floor will be about 9(Mohs’ hardness), the hardness increase 45.3%;

2.Wear-resisting:the terrazzo concrete hardening agent will help to harden all components of the terrazzo floor to one hard entity, then increase the hardness and compactness.

3.Dust proof:The terrazzo concrete hardening agent will react with the concrete in the terrazzo floor, then it will make the dustless and compact entity for the concrete surface, so it will control the concrete dust emission from the surface gap.

4.Anti-slipping:The normal concrete surface will separate out the saline-alkali component, then cause the floor slipping, while terrazzo concrete hardening agent will help to make the hard and compact entity to avoid the saline-alkali separate out from the surface,

5.Compression resistance:according to the test, the compression strength after the hardening agent will increase 29.3% the without the agent, also the flexural strength will be three times as strong then without agent.

6.Impervious:It can infiltrate into the terrazzo, and react with the floor, then block the floor pores and make the sealing effect for the concrete surface, so it will prevent water, oil and stains infiltrate into the concrete floor.

7.Weather resistant:It can prevent the chloride ion, after this chemical, if will not be influence due to exposure to electromagnetism or water mist.

8.Corrosion resistance:After this chemical, the corrosion resistance feature will highly increase.

9.Brightness:the concrete floor will show the high brightness like the marble floor after this chemical, the longer usage, the more brighter.

10.Environmental protection:this is the dust resistant and wearing-resisting concrete hardening agent, colorless, odorless, nontoxic and noncombustible, so it can harden the concrete and prevent the dust; prevent water, oil infiltration, alkali and weather resistance.

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