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Beautiful Flooring: Epoxy Terrazzo Floor

  • 2016-07-21 17:45:06

What is the epoxy terrazzo?

Epoxy terrazzo floor is a kind of high performance decorative artistic floor which shows the unique modern urban construction style. This floor selects many kinds of special stone, or other suitable decorative aggregates and the high polymer resins to mix, and then paving, hardening and grinding to construct the special projects.

Where will you use the epoxy terrazzo?

1.The famous urban construction infrastructure, such as airport, train station, exhibition center, museum, gym and so on;

2.Commercial application, such as shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop and so on;

3.Communal facilities, such a s school, library, hospital office building and so on.


What is the advantage of epoxy terrazzo floor?

1.Colorful and exquisite pattern;

2.Flat and seamless, easy to clean, maintain;

3.Longer lifespan; bright and wear-resistant;

4.Stain-resistant and chemical resistant;

5.You can choose to add the anti-microbico material to prevent the mould and moss.


How to pave the epoxy terrazzo?

Details please check Xingyi website: www.xy1118.com

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