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XINGYI Project Team:Brunei customer 4000sqm granite polishing assistant

  • 2016-07-22 17:19:01

Xingyi 2 projects managers provide technical guidance for concrete and granite polishing in Brunei projects. Our Brunei customer is very satisfied with the floor effect.

The concrete grinding process:

Step 1:Metal diamond pads 30#60#120#;

Step 2:Resin diamond pads 50#100#;

Step 3:Surface cleaning&repairing with concrete repairing adhesive(had better wait for 12-24 hours after the adhesive);

Step 4:Resin diamond pads 100#;

Step 5:Concrete densifier for concrete hardening(had better wait for 24 hours after the concrete densifier);

Step 6:Resin diamond pads 200#400#800#;

Step 7:Concrete protective sealer with high speed burnisher and high speed buffing pads 1500# and 3000#


The granite polishing process:

Step 1: Finished goods protection;

Step 2:Cutting the joints;

Step 3:Spraying stone sealer;

Step 4:Repairing the joints;

Step5:Rough grinding and fine polishing with resin diamond pads 50#100#200#400#800#1500#3000#;

Step 6:Crystallization with granite polishing compound.

If there is not much experience for concrete grinding and stone caring, Xingyi project team will try their best to help you with their experience in the flooring dor more than ten years.

Need more information for the concrete grinding and stone caring system products? Please check the Xingyi website:www.xy1118.com

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