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excellent performance stone maintenance agent
  • *Item NO.:XY-001
  • *Payment:TT/Western union
  • *Product Origin:Fujian Province,China
  • *Color:Transparent
  • *Shipping Port:Xiamen
  • *Lead Time: 7 days after receiving payment from buy
  • *Order(MOQ):50
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Stone maintenance is outstanding water-based treatment designed for use on dust mops and dust cloth. When sprayed lightly it creats electorstatic action that attracts and holds airborne dust, lint, grit and other soil, and it contains a bacteriostat to help control bacteria and unwanted odorous. It can be use on all resident tilesm wood floors, concrete, terrazzo, marble quarry and ceramic tiles, also on vinyl, upholstery, woodcabinets, wood paneling formic, plasti and other hard surface which collect dust and dirt

Safety precautions:It is harmful for eating; Keep out of fire; Be not careful in eyes, please wash it with clear water quickly

Directions:1.Spurt this product to the clean


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      excellent performance stone maintenance agent
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