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granite rust remover cleaner
  • *Item NO.:XY-003
  • *Payment:TT/Western union
  • *Product Origin:Fujian Province China
  • *Color:Transparent
  • *Shipping Port:Xiamen
  • *Lead Time:7 days after receiving payment from buye
  • *Order(MOQ):50
Product Detail

Granite rust remover can remove stubborn stains on the stone surface(such as granite and marble.).

Remover rust is a non-solvent and hydrochloric acid cleaning agent, contains acid, biodegradable surface activity and corrosion inhibitors.


1.Don’t use on the floors which can't resist the acid, such as grinding or polishing of limestone, marble and ceramic products.If  you can't ensure if the floor can use this product, then doing a experiment demo on the small area

2. It had better to avoid accessing to plants.

3. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes, if splashing into the eyes please immediately wash thoroughly with plenty of water and ask for medical assistance.

4. In order to protect the environment, the discarded packaging bottle must be completely empty.


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